Stock POP Displays and the Largest Sale in RICH LTD.’s 29-Year History

We’ve decided to focus today’s blog to the announcement of the largest sale of POP stock displays in our company’s history. Not only are we deeply discounting closeout stock displays, but we are offering significant discounts on many of the popular displays we plan to keep in our line. From today through the end of July, we are offering a wide range of displays at deeply discounted prices, including wood shelf displays, slatwall displays, apparel displays, counter and floor sunglass displays, fold-out wire shelf displays, jewelry displays, floor spinners and dozens of accessories. We’re calling it a summer sale, but it’s much more than that. Download a copy of the sale flyer here.

Stock displays have become increasingly popular over the last 2-3 years for a number of reasons:

• Planning horizons have shrunk so having the ability to buy ready-to-ship stock displays is a strategic advantage for display buyers. This “Just-In-Time” display model is economical, efficient, and just a smart way to meet tight deadlines.

• Display budgets have shrunk so many display buyers can no longer afford to buy thousands or even hundreds of displays at a time. There are no minimums on our stock displays so our stock program helps buyers manage cash flow more effectively.

• Stock displays can easily be customized to look like a custom display. Adding custom signs, selecting from many different accessories, and taking advantage of the modularity and configurability of many of our stock displays are all ways to ensure a successful merchandising approach in retail stores.

Download The Sale Flyer PDF by blicking here.

The items available as part of our mega stock sale will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. The pictures below are just a small sampling of what you’ll find when you download our sale flyer. To place an order or talk to a sales rep, call us at 800-325-5538 or email us at

SW-HRACK stock POP displays
NESTING-TABLES stock POP displays
SU-72LINK stock POP displays
SU-144LINK stock POP displays
SU-FL144 stock POP displays
FX-24 stock POP displays
WS-06B stock POP displays
CAJ-12B stock POP displays
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