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The Smart Home industry is poised for explosive growth. According to Zion Research, the global smart home market is expected to grow 14.5% compounded annually between 2017 and 2022. Global Smart Home revenue is projected to grow from $24.1 billion in 2016 to $53.5 billion by 2022. The implications for smart home retail displays are significant, which is the subject of today’s blog.

smart home rev Smart Home Retail Displays

 The technology underlying smart homes enables various devices to be connected and controlled by one device. Various devices such as lighting, AC, home security cameras, smart TVs, washing machines, window coverings, irrigation, entertainment systems, hot tubs, and other home appliances can be controlled by either a remote or a smartphone or tablet. Key drivers of smart home adoption are energy efficiency, home security, entertainment, convenience/productivity, remote health monitoring and connectivity.

A number of these smart home technologies have required professional installers, which has limited some of the direct-to-consumer merchandising opportunities at retail. But increasingly, these technologies are evolving as out-of-the-box solutions which will create more opportunities for direct consumer sales in retail stores. These smart home retail displays will raise the stakes for industry players and will require more effective point-of-purchase displays to drive sales.

Let’s face it, a lot of these products look alike and have similar functionality so the challenge is really one of marketing. Differentiating smart home automation displays in a field of growing competition will become the central challenge for product marketers over the next several years.

smart home hubs Smart Home Retail Displays

Let’s take a look at a number of smart home retail displays that we have designed and produced recently to illustrate what makes an effective display. A few things you’ll notice: (1) All of the displays feature either a mounted product or a video explaining the product, (2) A number of the displays utilize live product demonstrations, (3) All of the displays have prominent, attractive graphics that help make the display stand out and attract the consumer, and (4) Whenever possible the graphics are backlit to make them stand out even more.

The examples below represent a full line of displays that we developed for EZVIZ. These displays can be found in leading retailers such as Best Buy Mexico, Best Buy Canada, National Furniture Mart, B&H, and a number of other retailers. The first display shown below is a 4-ft. unit showcasing EZVIZ’s wired security camera product. It features sheet metal construction with 4 mounted security cameras, a DVR, a large high definition monitor (shown as the large white box in the center of the display), 5 lightbox graphics, and permanent screen-printed graphics.

ezviz 4ft Smart Home Retail Displays

We made a similar 3-ft. version shown below.

ezviz 3ft Smart Home Retail Displays

In addition to these larger versions, we made a number of 1-ft. modular versions that can be either used on their own or in combination to create a larger footprint and presence. All of the displays shown below have sheet metal construction, magnetic front shelf graphics, mounted product, and a back-panel lightbox.

ezviz 1ft black 360 Smart Home Retail Displays
ezviz 1ft White mini tropper Smart Home Retail Displays
ezviz 1ft White 360 Smart Home Retail Displays

The 2-ft. version shown below is made of acrylic with applied vinyl graphics and mounted product with removable acrylic panels to make it easy to change out the product.

EZVIZ LOW RES Smart Home Retail Displays

We created a different acrylic version for Best Buy Canada since they had slightly different requirements. The graphics in the unit shown below are secured by channels and are interchangeable. In addition, we designed individual removable acrylic plates to make it easy to change out the product.

Ezviz English Smart Home Retail Displays

In addition to the EZVIZ line, we designed the display shown below as a portable case display to showcase Carrier’s COR Home Automation system. While it could be used in a retail setting, the primary purpose of this unit is to provide a salesperson with a merchandising vehicle for in-home demonstrations.

Cor Home automation system Smart Home Retail Displays

The last two examples we will share are not really Smart Home retail display, but since they are closely related we thought we would show them. The first is a 4-ft. display we created for Ubiquity Networks’ Amplifi product. These displays featured black PVC construction, vinyl graphics, magnetic graphics, and live outlets with product.

Ubiquiti Smart Home Retail Displays

Our final example is a display we made for Bluesound’s smart wireless multi-room HD digital audio sound system. We made the display out of MDF and incorporated user-controlled audio buttons connected to mounted speakers, a video player, digitally printed graphics, and a brochure holder.

BlueSound Smart Home Retail Displays
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