Stock POP Displays that Offer Configurability and Versatility

Many of our customers think they need to go with a custom display to meet their needs, but that might not always be necessary. RICH LTD. offers a wide range of stock POP displays that are easy to customize with signs and accessories that can help to portray the right brand image. In today’s blog we’ll review 2 of our stock displays that offer significant configurability and versatility.

The 4-WAY is a 4-sided floor display with a metal tube structure, slotted uprights, and an MDF base with a bamboo veneer finish. The 4-WAY is an incredibly versatile apparel display by virtue of the wide variety of accessories it can accommodate.

4 Way pop display bamboo

Customer can configure the display with one or more 4-WAY JETRAILS. These are ideal for hanging virtually any type of apparel item. The 4-WAY-CAP is a single cap pocket that holds up to 6 caps. Similarly, the 4-WAY-SHOE is a sheet metal shoe shelf that is an ideal way to display footwear.


The 4-WAY-STRAIGHTOUT is a 14” straight-out bar that can also be used to hang many types of apparel items. For a slightly different hanging presentation, customers can configure the 4-WAY with a 4-WAY-WATERFALL which is a 12” arm that is angled downward.


With respect to branding, there are two options for branded header signage. The 4-WAY-HEADER-MDF is a bamboo header that matches the fixture’s base and can accommodate branded graphics on both sides. The second, more economical option is the 4-WAY-HEADER which is a metal frame that can hold a 2-sided sign measuring 17”W x 7.75”H.


Perhaps the best feature of the 4-WAY is its ability to serve as a cross-merchandising fixture to showcase a combination of headwear, footwear, and numerous types of clothing items, all of which are complementary and frequently purchased together. Alternatively, the display can be configured as a great merchandising vehicle for any one item such as all caps, all footwear, or all t-shirts or other hanging apparel items. Furthermore, the design of the fixture makes it really easy to change up the presentation for holidays, promotions, or seasonal rotations. The 4-WAY is the kind of fixture that enables a retailer to maintain a fresh presentation to keep customers interested and coming back.


Our second stock fixture example today is the MPM-XP. The MPM-XP is a spinning floor display that can be used as a multi-product merchandiser or as a single product merchandiser. It’s basically a tower display that can be placed almost anywhere in a store. Because it spins, it can be placed against a wall or in a corner. Similar to the 4-WAY, the MPM-XP can accommodate a variety of accessories such as the MPM-XPGR which is a simple wire grid that holds two types of single peg hooks (the HK hook or the sheet metal-backed HKT series) and accessories such as the MPM-120SH wire shelf or the MPM-120CAP. The MPM-120CAP is a double cap pocket shelf that holds 8 caps.

In addition, the MPM-XP can be configured as a complete sunglass display by utilizing 6 MPM-XPSU panels, each of which holds 20 glasses, giving the entire fixture a 120 count sunglass capacity. The MPM-XP comes with 3 acrylic header mirrors which are particularly useful with caps and sunglasses. It’s possible to add a top header sign with the addition of plastic stick-on sign channel to help make a strong branding statement.

Just as with the 4-WAY we like the fact that the MPM-XP can be configured for a single item like caps or sunglasses. It also can be set up as a really effective cross-merchandiser with different types of products. In addition, it can easily be re-merchandised seasonally so, for example, it can be configured with more sunglasses in the spring and summer months and items like hanging gloves and beanies when winter rolls around. Like most of our displays, the MPM-XP knocks down for efficient shipping and storage. Its small footprint makes it a great display for convenience stores, gift shops, and other retail stores, especially those environments that are space constrained.

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