Custom Retail Displays for the Countertop- Part VI

Today is the final installment in our 6-part blog series on custom retail displays for the countertop. If you missed our first 5 posts, you can read Part I herePart II herePart III here, and Part IV here, and Part V here. This has been a relatively long blog series but one that is rich in countertop display content. By the end of today’s blog, we will have reviewed 60 different examples of custom POP countertop displays that comprise just a small part of RICH LTD.’s design portfolio. Let’s wrap up this series by reviewing our last 10 examples.

Our first example is a 3-sided spinning counter display we designed for Karina. This is actually a very simple wire display that is dressed up with graphics. You can see the circular wire base which has a center pole and bracket set which holds a simple grid on 3 sides. We added 18 adjustable single peg hooks. The corners are removable perforated sheet metal with PVC graphics, and the 3 headers are sheet metal channels and digitally printed curved PVC graphics.

Karina custom retail displays

Our second example is a very versatile 4-sided spinning slotted pinwheel panel display. It doesn’t look like much without product, but it is actually a very space-efficient and functional display. As far as custom retail displays go, it’s also relatively economical. We used the same circular wire base as shown in the example above, the same pole and bearing, and a modified metal bracket set to which we attached thin MDF panels in a pinwheel configuration. A pinwheel configuration is a great way to save space if you want a 4-sided display. Imagine how much larger (and less interesting) this display would be if it were configured as a square.

The panels are CNC-cut to create slots which enable the slatwall hooks to slide left-to-right to accommodate different product sizes. This display could have a really cool header to dress it up, but our customer wanted to go with small triangular graphic icons for the branding.

AMER custom retail displays

Third, we designed the small graphic-intensive counter display to merchandise No Ho, “The HangOver Defense.” Clearly, the best defense against a hangover is not to get drunk, but if you happen to find yourself in the unenviable position of being hungover, this is a product you might consider. Our goal was to keep a small footprint that would work across formats (convenience stores, grocery, etc.). We created a simple wire structure to hold boxed product and just added side signs. The display is simple and cost-effective.

No HangOver custom retail displays

Our fourth example is a gravity-fed canned cat food display that we designed for Nature’s Variety. This display was primarily designed for an inline application, but it works equally well as a counter display. We designed the main structure out of sheet metal with an internal structure to support a gravity feeding mechanism that allows the cans to roll down. Since the cans are side-facing and not front-facing, the front hero graphic was very important to communicate the brand message. For a stand-alone counter display, it would be easy to add side signs to this unit for additional branding.

Nature variety custom retail displays

Custom retail displays can range significantly in cost. Our next example is on the higher end of the spectrum. We designed the countertop watch display shown below for Adelhard Fuchs. This display was crafted out of MDF with a relatively expensive wood laminate. We cut and stained mini solid wood risers to display the watches and added a singular logo graphic element on the header. One of the most difficult parts of making this display was the laser-cut metal letters on the front lip, primarily because the letters were small. However, these dimensional letters contributed importantly to the premium look of the display.

Adelhard fuchs custom retail displays

In keeping with the jewelry theme, our next example is also for jewelry, but it is much more affordable. This display was for Uno Magnetic. The company’s jewelry can be used in multiple ways- necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Therefore, the header was critical in showing how the product can be used. The main structure is made of PVC, and the design shows product both vertically and horizontally. This display is simple, colorful, and visually appealing to its target audience.

UNO custom retail displays

Speaking of jewelry, check out the 3-tiered spinning counter display we designed for Cuffwear. This display sits on a bearing which enables it to spin. Each tier serves as a shelf for an open box of Cuffwear. The display is constructed of MDF. The top tier is wrapped with a digitally printed PVC shelf graphic to provide brand messaging that complements the 3-sided screen-printed header branding.

CUFF custom retail displays

Our eighth example is a bamboo countertop display for a hot sunglass strap product called Ukes. We made this out of carbonized edge grain bamboo with a clear coat finish. The display has a small footprint- just enough to hold the 5 SKUs of product that hang full length to showcase the design. We laser cut the Ukes logo out of white acrylic and affixed it to the base. We added a low-profile lifestyle graphic with more branding. This display is really clean and is really effective at driving sales of Ukes sunglass straps.

ukes custom retail displays

At number nine below, we wanted to show a simple tiered MDF book/brochure/menu counter display. This display was created for a restaurant chain but could easily be used for a variety of applications such as CDs, DVD, and other similar small items. It would be easy to add branding to the front and sides, while also adding a header sign.

BJs custom retail displays

We’ll conclude our series on custom retail displays with an example of a display we designed for Sony. This camera display would most commonly be found in a locking glass case because of the high product value which it holds. This is a vacuum formed display which has specific molded locations for various camera parts. It includes silk screened printing and digitally printed graphics. It provides a clean look while keeping the focus on the product.

Sony custom retail displays
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