Custom Retail Displays for the Countertop- Part IV

Welcome to Part IV in our series on custom retail displays for the countertop. If you missed our first 3 posts, you can read Part I herePart II here, and Part III here. As we mentioned in our last blog, the objective of this blog series is to showcase a wide range of countertop displays that meet different budget needs and merchandise different types of products. Today, we’ll look at 10 more examples that we hope will inspire your next countertop display project.

Our first example is an e-cigarette display we designed for The Safe Cig. This all-acrylic display was designed to put the focus on the product. We built in header, side, and base LED lighting to make the brand come alive.


Our second example is certainly not one of the custom retail displays that you would write home about, but it is very economical. This simple 2-shelf wire display features a knock-down design with 2 adjustable shelves, front shelf graphics and a removable header sign. It folds flat for shipping. With a little extra budget, this display could include side signs which would dress it up and help to promote the Bull City Bar-B-Que Co. brand.


Third, the counter nail polish display shown below is another example of a simple, high capacity display that puts the focus on the product. The shelves are angled forward to enable the bottles to be gravity fed. We designed the shelves with front channels that can accept shelf strips and made the die-cut PVC header removable. Unlike the display shown above, this display is completely welded, which makes it more expensive to ship but is necessary to support the weight.


Next up is a custom accessories counter display we designed for a contemporary clothing company called Staxx. We designed this display out of acrylic and wood. The display featured 2 angled shelves with dividers to hold boxed product. We incorporated an overstock area in the header of the display and used frosted acrylic which allowed the design on the front of the boxes to show though and become part of the design. We added front and side header graphics to reinforce the brand.


We designed the counter display shown below for Prairie City Bakery. The structure was made of wire with a branded sheet metal awning. We designed wood trays to hold the product and added screen printed metal shelf signs to the front of the trays.


Our sixth example is a simple stationary wood counter display. There’s nothing fancy about it, but there is a certain elegance in its simplicity. The solid wood construction portrays a natural feeling, and the header and base graphics do a good job of promoting the T-Reign brand. The display comes with 6 removable hooks, a removable header, and a black edge-banded base. This display knocks down for very economical shipping.


Our seventh and eighth examples are custom retail displays we designed for Ballistic Case Co. Both of these are good examples of cost effective displays that aren’t too pretty naked but make a nice presentation when loaded with product. The first display shown below is a simple knock-down display that has an MDF base, a 4-sided knock-down metal frame that spins around a metal pole, and a plastic sign holder that holds a die-cut PVC header sign digitally printed on 2 sides. One of the things that makes this display work are the corner hooks that effectively turn this display into a 6-sided display. You can see the display with and without product below.


We designed an even simpler countertop version for Ballastic Case Co. which is our eighth example shown below. This display utilizes the same MDF base and pole, but this style is a non-spinning 2-sided hook display. It has a removable PVC header sign and looks decent when loaded with product while also being extremely cost effective.


Our ninth example shown below is a 4-sided spinning countertop display. The display features a vacuum formed base and header with metal branding accent plates. The main structure is black powder coated sheet metal with laser-cut slots for the 8 hooks that hold product.


Our final example today is a countertop footwear spinner we designed for Bijolie. Constructed using a black circular MDF base and 4 white MDF panels, this display helps to promote the Bijolie brand while also merchandising product. The 2 center panels included digitally printed vinyl graphics and a clear acrylic brochure holder that sits above a foot mannequin that demonstrates the product. The side panels each have 6 hooks to hold product.


Be sure to tune into Part V of our blog series on custom retail displays for the countertop.

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