Industrial Clothing Rack Ideas that Drive Sales and Build Brand Awareness

Industrial clothing includes a broad range of apparel from everyday uniforms that unite a workforce and are part of a company’s brand identity to protective clothing such as fire-resistant jackets that are designed to keep workers safe. The features, functionality, and characteristic uniformity of industrial clothing stands in sharp contrast to many other types of apparel designed to confer individuality, freedom, and style. Despite these differences, industrial clothing and mainstream apparel share a set of common merchandising challenges. Creating a visually appealing presentation and compelling message that captures shopper attention and converts shoppers to buyers is still the name of the game. In today’s post we’ll share 10 industrial pipe clothing rack ideas for retail that are designed to drive sales at the point of purchase while also building brand awareness.

In addition to today’s examples, you may find inspiration in our 3-part series entitled “30 Examples of Apparel Displays that Maximize Sales and Build Brands.” Check out Part I, Part II, and Part III. Let’s get to today’s examples.

  1. LAPCO Wall– We created this LAPCO wall to merchandise the company’s line of fire-resistant industrial apparel. We incorporated shelf standards to create adjustability for a variety of fixture accessories such as shelves, jet rails, and apparel bars. We added sectional dividers for strength and to create visual separation between products. We direct printed the wood-grain PVC back panels and the 10 branded/workstyle headers.
Lapco industrial clothing rack
  • Bulwark T-Sided Floor Display– The industrial clothing rack shown below has a relatively small footprint but offers mobility, configurability, adjustability, and overall versatility. To merchandise Bulwark’s line of fireproof apparel, we designed this 2-panel system that included perforated sheet metal panels to create an industrial vibe, a tall branded T-bar for hanging long overalls, a faceout for shorter hanging items, shelves for folded garments, and interchangeable header signs to promote the Bulwark brand.
Bulwark T-sided industrial clothing rack
  • Bulwark HRACK– The 4-sided HRACK shown below is another example of a highly flexible merchandiser designed to accommodate both hanging and folded items. The display included adjustable shelves, faceouts, and hangbars. We hit the branding hard with graphic end panels, header signs in all 4 directions, and die-cut branding accent pieces on top.
Bulwark HRACK industrial clothing rack
  • Horace Small HRACK– We used the same HRACK with different branding and apparel bars on all 4 sides for our customer’s related brand Horace Small.
Horace HRACK industrial clothing rack
  • Red Kap Floor Fixture– Red Kap was looking for a fixture to merchandise its uniform line in a major national retailer. We designed the 4-sided sheet metal and wire fixture shown below. We incorporated adjustable sheet metal shelves, wire power wing end panels with faceouts, vertical signage and a die-cut PVC header sign.
Red Kap floor industrial clothing rack
  • Red Kap Small Footprint Merchandiser– To address Red Kap’s need for smaller footprint, lower capacity shirt merchandisers, we made a simple 4-sided display shown below configured in 2 ways. The display featured MDF construction, and in the first example, it included full-length graphics on 2 sides with mounted faceouts on the other 2 sides. In the second example, we used 2 faceouts and 2 waterfalls with a 2-sided header sign.
Red Kap industrial clothing rack
Red Kap industrial clothing rack
  • Wrangler Workwear Wall– We designed the Wrangler Workwear wall display below to create something a little different than a standard flat wall panel system. We started by making a slotted metal frame with PVC back panels, header signs, and chrome-plated apparel bars. We added a center dimensional panel which provided both visual interest and additional stability.
Wrangler industrial clothing rack
  • Elbeco Industrial Clothing Rack– Elbeco was looking for a simple and cost-effective uniform rack that could accommodate hanging items and folded apparel. We designed this knock-down metal tube fixture with MDF shelves and an interchangeable PVC header sign.
Elbeco industrial clothing rack
  • Horace Small Slatwall Display– We worked a 2-sided slatwall display into the family of fixtures we designed for Horace Small. Slatwall displays are very versatile and can make a great choice for merchandising industrial clothing and uniforms. We merchandised both sides with a shelf for folded apparel and an apparel bar. We finished the display with a frame header sign.
Horace industrial clothing rack
  1. Bulwark Mobile Endcap– The Bulwark mobile end cap display shown below is a relatively high-capacity fixture that can work in a wide range of uniform dealer or retail environments. Its metal tube construction is similar to some of the other examples we have shared. The base deck and adjustable shelf were designed for folded apparel while the 2 side-by-side waterfalls worked well for merchandising front-facing shirts. We added a PVC header sign for basic branding.
The right industrial clothing rack can make or break a company’s success at retail. Learn how to maximize sales and build your brand from these 10 examples.
Bulwark industrial clothing rack

Given the breadth of most companies’ product lines, it is almost always the case that effective industrial clothing racks are designed to be flexible and configurable with a range of adjustable accessories.

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