Advantages of Sharing Information When Creating POP Displays


A typical point-of-purchase display is customized for the specific product.  There are many competent design firms that will do the job if asked by a client, however a design fee will be charged and the client will still need to get bids to produce the design.  To get an accurate apples-to-apples cost bid, engineering, materials and technical drawings will also need to be done, for another fee. Manufacturers have in -house design teams that are very good. They design POP displays only all day and can, with the right information, design great and effective displays to fit almost any budget.

The key is that last thing, the budget. Often POP display buyers think that if they don’t disclose their budget they will see great designs for even less than they’d hoped. This just never happens. Most of the time they see a design they love, but the cost is much higher than their budget.  At this point they may finally disclose their budget to help the designers come up with something that works. However, by now time and money has been wasted and expectations are now, sometimes, unrealistically high after seeing a design they loved but could not afford for the project.  

Designers are creative problem solvers and POP specialists who really know their stuff. Have you ever seen that TV show “Design on a Dime?” Designers start with a seemingly restrictive budget for a furniture or decor project and all ways come up with solutions that are beyond expectations. It is to your great advantage to discuss not only the logistical and product requirements but the wished-for budget as well with your designers. These creative people will in most cases exceed your expectations too.

Next time we will discuss some of the things that affect point of purchase display costs that are not always obvious.

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