Wood Display Stain and Finish Options to Consider for Your Next POP Display Part I

Many of our customers are interested in creating a wood display because they want a durable display, they like the look, they are looking for authenticity, and they want to capitalize on the trend toward all things natural. However, a lot of customers don’t know what types of finishes are available. Today we’ll show the first 11 of 24 examples of wood finishes we have used on POP displays that we have manufactured in our millwork shop. It’s not an exhaustive list of examples, but it will provide a sense of the most common finishes that are readily available and reasonably cost-effective to execute. In Part II of this series, we’ll show the other 13 examples.

BIG-B Wood Display

The 4-shelf Big B’s display shown below is a golden oak stain we use on solid pine wood. The header sign is silk screened and works well with the finish.

The Hang Ten unit below is also a unit constructed of solid pine, but on this one we used a gray wash rather than a stain. It created an entirely different look and is just dark enough to make the white screen printed graphics pop while still showing the knots in the wood.

HTEN Wood Display

The Fruit Guys floor bin display below is a darker gray wash finish which we mixed specifically to try to match the color of the customer’s corrugated printed cartons.

Fruit guy Wood Display

We’ve done the Buddy Fruits dump bin displays in a golden oak finish as well as the dark cherry finish shown below. This is an example of how pine wood can also take a dark stain for a completely different look. You can see how the screen printed white Buddy Fruits logo pops off the dark stain.

Buddy Fruit Wood Display

The apparel display shown below has a fairly unique finish that definitely stands out. We created this finish by torching pine wood and applying a light stain and clear coat mixture.

SustainU Wood Display

The 4-shelf display shown below is also constructed of pine, but we applied the stain in a way that was not as uniformly dark as the Buddy Fruits dump bin display. The stain application made the finish a little more interesting.

Sun Valley Rice Wood Display

The DarkHorse shelf display shown below is another pine fixture where we used a blended darker gray wash. It worked well with the graphics and fit the customer’s brand image.

Dark horse Wood Display

We took a slight variation of the display shown above and added a white wash finish as shown below. You can see that it creates a very different look.

Dark horse Wood Display

The Cabo Chips display below was constructed of pine strapping and pine plywood. Like the example above, we applied a white washed finish which, as you can see, creates a very different look than some of the darker stains we have referenced.

CABO Wood Display

We made the 4-shelf display shown below in China. We used a dark cherry stain and a clear coat finish to create a rich, high-end look.

Coola Wood Display

We constructed the Bangs shoe display shown below out of prefinished birch plywood. The material comes prefinished so there is no need to add a stain or a wash. It’s similar to a maple finish and is an excellent material choice for customer who want a cost-effective lighter wood option. It also works well with screen printed logo applications since the finish is smooth.

BANGS Wood Display
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