Point of Purchase Design: The Latest POP Displays Out of Our Millwork Shop

Domestically produced displays are becoming increasingly popular as shorter planning horizons and requests for smaller production runs become the new norm. Brand marketers and retailers are emphasizing speed and flexibility to meet the changing needs of consumers in an uncertain retail environment. These trends have implications for point of purchase design. Shorter runs dictate that we avoid POP display designs that require expensive tooling since there are fewer units over which to amortize fixed tooling costs. In today’s blog, we’ll share some of our recent work produced in our wood shop in Oceanside, CA. Our intent is not to be the guy at the cocktail party that talks about himself, but rather, we like to share our work regularly to add to the public domain of POP display solutions that might inspire someone seeking a new merchandising approach.
Our first example is a wood pegboard display we designed for P.L.A. Y.’s line of outdoor dog toys. The display featured 3 hinged pegboard panels that could be configured as a triangle or as a double-sided straight or angled wall. We use a stained solid pine frame, a permanent screen printed logo, die-cut digitally printed header signs, and single peg hooks. We also made a single panel version of the display for smaller format pet stores.

play Point of Purchase Design

Second, we built the set of product risers shown below for Earth Rated’s line of pet products. There’s nothing magic about these risers, but they get the job done in a cost-effective way. We used stained plywood with mitered corners and added artificial turf, slotted holes for some of the packages and a support brace for the pooper scooper.

Earth Point of Purchase Design

Third, we built the island display shown below for Thoughtfull Toys. We build the display out of MDF with a white melamine finish and added shelves and inside hooks. Graphics were a big part of this display, and given the wear and tear expected in independent toy shops we opted for digitally printed graphics with adhesive backing and a protective over-laminate with a 10-year no-fade warranty.

Modarri Point of Purchase Design

Fourth, we built another toy display for the Modarri line that was designed as a one-sided unit constructed of MDF with the same white melamine finish. The display offers kids an opportunity to build their own cars from a set of components that are stored separately in individual bins. The bins can be secured with a locking cover which folds down and serves as a working surface with racetrack graphics. We added a PVC header sign and vinyl graphics which again included the protective over-laminate. The display uses hooks to accommodate hanging product and shelves to hold boxed product.

Modarri Point of Purchase Design

Fifth, we made the countertop display shown below for Liquid I.V.’s Hydration Multiplier, which is a powder drink mix that uses Cellular Transport Technology to deliver hydration faster than water alone. The display was intended to be upscale to match its target placement in high-end hotels. The display box was designed to merchandise the drink mix packets in individual angled bins when the box is in the open position. We used MDF with a high-gloss finish and added brass plated hardware and back panel graphics.

liquid IV Point of Purchase Design

Sixth, we recently completed the floor display shown below for Duality Lighting. The objective of the display was simply to show a side-by-side comparison of Duality Lighting’s LED light vs. a competitor’s light. It’s hard to see in the picture, but the display does the job of really highlighting the difference between the lights. This display was built with MDF with a white melamine finish, and it included digitally printed vinyl graphics as well as the electrical components required to show a live lighting demonstration.

Duality Lighting Point of Purchase Design

Seventh, after creating an endcap display for goTenna’s national rollout in REI stores, we were asked to design a simple and cost-effective countertop glorifier display to showcase goTenna’s award-winning off-grid communication device. We used prefinished China birch to create a natural outdoor feel, added a laminated block to hold demo products, and included a removable, digitally printed back panel. 

GotennaUnit Point of Purchase Design

Finally, we designed the floor display shown below for Mati Energy’s introduction into Kroger stores. We built the display using MDF with a black melamine finish. We created 3 angled shelves to allow the Mati Energy cans to slide forward, included dividers to keep the product organized, incorporated a bottom storage shelf for cases, and added removable, digitally printed side and header graphics.

mati Point of Purchase Design

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