Is Your Custom POP Display Hidden in Plain Sight?

7 Things You Can Do to Make Your Display Stand Out

It is becoming increasingly challenging to make your product stand out in a busy retail environment. Creating a custom POP display is a good first step, but in so many cases POP displays remain hidden in plain sight.

Here are 7 custom store display ideas that will help your display and your product stand out at retail. As you will see, these ideas can be combined to increase your chances of successfully capturing shopper attention.

  1. Create the Unexpected– Focus on creating the unexpected. Creating an element of surprise will do 2 things:

It will force people to notice in the same way that people notice something that looks out of place.

It will help people remember your product.

Custom POP Display
  • Use Bright Colors– Not only is the horse above impossible not to notice because it was placed in front of a grocery store, but its vibrant colors make it stand out in the same way that the 2 examples below catch your eye.
Fat Brain Toys Custom POP Display
Coola Custom POP Display
  • Incorporate Humor– Humor is a time-tested interrupter. Finding a way to incorporate humor into your displays will not only make people laugh, but they might tell others about it or take a picture like we did of these creative “mannequins” that were on display at Euroshop.
Custom POP Display
Custom POP Display
  • Be Unique– Being unique is always a great way to stand out. We designed the two sunglass displays below to appeal to the skater and street culture demographic.
Arnette Custom POP Display
Arnette Custom POP Display
  • Make it Interactive– Your chances of being noticed will increase significantly if you can build interactivity into your custom store display. We designed the Bluesound display below to include integrated audio, video, and lighting with push button activation.
Bluesound Custom POP Display
  • Light it Up– Adding lights to your display is a sure way to help your display get noticed. When lighting is combined with powerful graphics and bright colors like the light box below it is hard to miss.
7 ideas to help your custom POP display and your product stand out at retail. Capture shopper attention, increase sales, and build better brand awareness.
Custom POP Display
  • Secure the Right Location– Even if you do a great job making your display stand out using the 6 ideas above, if your display is not in the right location, it could be easy to miss. Be sure you understand where your display will be place and what the retailer will do to ensure store managers follow the placement instructions. Go for high traffic areas, end caps, and locations near check-out.
Tiemans Custom POP Display

Make a conscious decision to incorporate as many of these 7 principles into your next display to increase shopper attention, brand awareness, and to maximize sales.

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