How Stock Displays Can Help Build Your Brand in Retail Stores

We are big fans of using stock displays to meet tight deadlines, to test merchandising approaches, to meet lower quantity requirements, and in many cases to save money. If you are interested in exploring stock displays in retail stores as a possibility for your merchandising program, you might want to check out our 4 most popular blogs on stock displays:

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In addition, you can check out RICH LTD.’s line of stock displays here.

In today’s blog, we will look at 7 more examples of ways in which you can customize one of our stock displays to help build your brand and maximize sales at retail.

The first stock display shown below is our WD-1S-TGW. It’s a really versatile and configurable wood/metal grid floor display constructed using China birch plywood and wire slatgrid. We customized it for New England Pet Products by using the base deck and one adjustable shelf for non-pegged product and then removable 12” slatgrid hooks for hanging products. We added a PVC header sign. Additional branding could be added with side screen-printed or vinyl graphics.

NEPP Stock displays

Our second example below shows our popular UMF-24G stock unit customized for Aetrex. The UMF-24G is one of several multi-product merchandisers in RICH LTD.’s stock display line, and it is easily customizable. In the case of Aetrex, we changed the color from silver to a white powder coated finish, added PVC side signs, and designed a 3-dimensional, 2-sided custom header to create an attractive, heavily branded mobile merchandiser.

ATX Stock displays

Our third example is a 4-sided, 5-shelf solid wood display we adapted using a unit we used to carry as part of our stock line. The display is knock-down and ships in a relatively flat box. We finished the wood with a natural clear coat and added die-cut PVC header signs to promote the InSPAration brand. The outsides of the shelves are grooved and can accommodate clear acrylic shelf fences. This display works for many different kinds of products and makes sense particularly in retail environments which provide 360-degree access to the display.

INSPARATION Stock displays

Fourth, the customized pinwheel floor display shown below is one of many versions of our SFL line of highly configurable and versatile stock displays for retail stores. Our SFL line features multiple configuration options and is capable of merchandising a variety of products with its broad range of shelf and hanging display accessories. Below we show a custom pinwheel configuration with high-end carbonized bamboo panels, a black frame, black MDF shelves, and custom header signs on 4 sides.

SFL-PINWHEEL Stock displays

The next example shown below is a customization of another one of our stock displays called the MPM-XP. “MPM” stands for multi-product merchandiser, and displaying multiple lines of product on the same fixture is the reason we originally created this display. Many of our customers use this display to merchandise products like sunglasses, caps, and cell phone accessories, and we offer display components that can handle those types of products.

The display spins and occupies a small footprint so it can work in virtually any retail setting. The image below shows how we customized the MPM-XP for Tony Lama. This customization was fairly simple in that all we really did was print custom graphic panels, custom header signs, and added hooks that fit the grid on the display. We also did a version using wood panels instead of graphic panels. As a customized unit, this display is well branded and highly functional.

MFWFLSP Stock displays

Next, we have a very economical spinning hook stock display called our CTX Series. Our stock CTX comes with 4 spinners and a plastic sign holder. For the Bionic display shown below, all we really did was eliminate one spinner and upgrade the header to a circular header with branding on 2 sides. Admittedly, it is still an “economy” display, but with a few small changes to a stock display it’s easy to see how this looks like it was designed as a custom display.

BIONIC Stock displays

Our final example shows a basic wood floor display that we used to carry in our stock line. We used the basic solid wood structure, added a custom wire bin at the bottom, created a 2-sided center angled shelf, and a straight upper shelf. We then added branding on the sides of the feet and on the wood header sign. With these simple changes, we were able to create a well-branded multi-product floor merchandiser.

RICH BREAD Stock displays
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