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In today’s blog, we will showcase 10 more wood displays that we hope will inspire you as you consider the best way to merchandise your product in a retail store. Our 10 examples will range from simple to fancy and from very cost effective to a little more expensive.
Rather than starting from scratch, look for opportunities to build on ideas you like and mix and match design elements that you think might work for your product. Simply changing the finish or the art work on a display can create a whole new look. So, let’s check out some of the wood display fixtures for retail that we have been making lately in our mill-work shop.
Our first example is a straight-forward 4-shelf floor display we recently made for Coola’s Bare Republic brand. We used white solid wood posts and black MDF shelves. The black and white combination worked well and helped to make the colorful header sign pop. The header art work was well synced with the product colors.

Coola BR wood displays

Our second example is an upscale cabinet display that we also made for Coola to go in high-end spas. We constructed the display using carbonized solid bamboo and white MDF. We created 4 external shelves to merchandise product, and added an inside cabinet with shelves to hold overstock. The unit was simply branded with a vertically positioned laser-cut acrylic logo. We included wheels so the display could easily be moved around.

Coola wood displays

Third, we made the endcap display shown below for a convenience store environment. Technically, it’s not really a wood display, but we find that in many cases the displays we design utilize mixed materials so we wanted to show an example. In this case, we designed a sheet metal and wire frame and combined it with adjustable MDF shelves with a dark wood melamine finish and digitally printed PVC header and side signs. This endcap is super versatile and can be used with a wide range of products.

AMI wood displays

Next is a 4-sided toy car display we made for Modarri. This fun, kid-friendly wooden display stand was constructed out of MDF with a white melamine finish. It included cubbies on all 4 sides with shelves or hooks to hold boxed or hanging product. The top deck incorporated a race track with demo cars to engage kids with the product. The display featured a clean look, but what really made the display stand out was the eye-catching colorful graphics which we digitally printed with a protective overlaminate.

Modarri wood displays

We manufactured a second display for Modari for toy stores that had endcap space available instead of space that worked for an island display like the one shown above. This display was also made of MDF with a white melamine finish. It featured tapered sides, 2 merchandising shelves, slanted product bins with dividers to hold toy car parts, a fold-down table with a racecar track graphic, single peg hooks and a header sign. The entire display was designed to invite kids to build their own cars. The fold-down table could also be placed in the up position to cover the parts bins.

Modarri wood displays

Our sixth example is a bamboo counter display we made for Soulstice to merchandise the company’s yoga apparel accessory products. Soulstice was interested in a very natural look to help communicate the essence of their emerging brand. We used carbonized bamboo with a clear coat finish and added white peg hooks, a laser engraved logo on the base, and a clear acrylic sleeve to hold an interchangeable paper graphic. It’s a simple display but gives off the right vibe for their target audience of Yoga enthusiasts.

Soulstice wood displays

Our seventh example of wood displays involves taking a walk on the wild side. We made the floor display shown below for an eco-friendly Appalachian apparel manufacturer called SustainU. The company’s apparel products are made in America using 100% recycled materials so they wanted a natural display with a distinctive finish that would help catch a shopper’s attention. We created this mobile display out of solid pine wood and incorporated shallow slanted shelves and face-out bars to accommodate both folded and hanging product. We made the finish by torching the wood and adding a mix of stain and clear coating.

Sustain U wood displays

Our eighth example is an X-rated wood display we made for Sunfood. It’s not actually X-rated, but it does look a little naked without product. This is about as simple as it gets for an unfinished solid pine shelf display. It’s knock-down design makes it cost-effective for shipping. The only branding is the PVC header sign, but the product packaging is well branded so when it is loaded with product, it actually looks good. This type of display can be dressed up further by adding shelf and side signs. The display falls more on the practical/utility/cost-effective end of the spectrum.

sunfood wood displays

The display shown below is virtually the same construction as the above display, but it only has 4 shelves and has a dark stain finish. This one was for Sun Valley Rice Company. Like Sunfood, the company has a line of food products that require shelves for merchandising. They wanted a simple, natural display to help communicate the brand and required knock-down construction to help save money on freight. Aside from the company’s product packaging, the only branding on this display was the removable PVC header sign.

Sun Valley Rice wood displays

Our final example is a freestanding wing panel display we made for Tate’s Bakeshop. We made this display out of prefinished birch and made the base removable so the main wing panel body could be hung on a gondola. We cut the back-panel slots on our CNC machine so the slatwall hooks could be moved side-to-side to accommodate different product configurations. In addition to the screen-printed side graphics, we added a framed header with an interchangeable graphic. This display is highly versatile and has a very natural feel.

TATE wood displays
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