Using Our POP Display Experience to Create a Cool Tradeshow Booth

We recently had an opportunity to use our POP display experience to design a tradeshow booth for Standee Co., our sister company that makes stand-up desks and related products aimed at reducing the health risks of sedentary work environments. We aren’t really in the business of making tradeshow booths. There are lots of companies who do that. However, when we had an opportunity to create a 10×10 booth for Standee Co. to exhibit at the ErgoExpo this past December, we jumped at the chance to apply our point-of-purchase design and manufacturing skills. Our friends at Standee Co. told us that everyone at the show was asking who made their booth. Relative to others at the show, they said the Standee Co. booth really stood out and captured the attention of attendees and exhibitors alike.

In addition to the 10×10 space requirements, we were told that Standee wanted its booth to have a clean look, while also communicating that their products are environmentally friendly. In addition, the booth had to be easy to knock-down, light-weight, and simple to ship and assemble. The final requirement was that they wanted to spend no more than $1500. As with most POP display projects, we started with a concept render.


We created a back wall made of wood supports with white PVC board with a green digitally printed PVC section. We designed a PVC header sign with dimensional 3D letters and created LED back lighting for the sign. We then added real bamboo poles to highlight the fact that Standee’s products are made of natural eco-friendly bamboo. We bought white desks from IKEA and created outer digitally printed signs with Standee branding. We also built a front entry podium with Standee branding. Our design was simple, clean, and easy. The actual booth we built had a few changes to our render, but it captured the spirit of our original design.


Our colleagues at Standee were thrilled with the attention they got. They told us that if any of our customers are interested in stand-up desk products they would hook them up with a discount. You can check out their products at Let us know if you are interested and we’ll

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