Using Event Kiosks to Strengthen Retail Point of Sale Presence for Brands

For most brands wanting to increase sales in retail stores, it is normal to focus the majority of resources and energy on creating a retail point of sale system and in-store POP displays that captivate customers and create a memorable brand experience. However, a lot of the groundwork for building a brand takes place outside of retail stores through social media initiatives, advertising and PR, eCommerce, events, and other marketing programs. Executed properly, these activities can go a long way in building brands and driving traffic to stores to increase in-store purchases. In today’s post, we’ll look at one example of an “Event Kiosk” we designed and manufactured for Wild Turkey.

Over its 75+ year history, Wild Turkey built its reputation as a tradition-rich, authentic brand of straight bourbon whiskey. As a way of building a strong grassroots customer following, Wild Turkey Distilling Co. attends a variety of whiskey festivals and events. We created the Event Kiosk shown below to represent the brand at these festivals and events.

Event Kiosks can strengthen your brand, cultivate customers and brand enthusiasts, and increase retail point of sale conversion by driving traffic into stores.

Like any POP display, this Event Kiosk was designed to catch the attention of busy attendees while also reinforcing the brand. We started with the bar since the best way to attract customers is to let them try the product. We created a large cabinet structure on wheels with recessed lighting in the front, an interchangeable direct-printed wood sign, a solid surface counter top, an ice tub, and rear cabinets with ample storage.

We also designed a backdrop structure that included lighted shelving, a center panel with a large direct-printed Turkey, a branded header sign, gooseneck lamps, and a 21.5” digital media player that played a continuous looping video featuring Matthew McConaughey, the celebrity face of the brand.

All of the visual elements and finishes of the kiosk were designed to communicate the unique heritage and essence of the brand. While this was of primary importance, we also needed to create a highly functional and durable structure that could partially knock down and be transported safely from event to event in a set of shipping crates.

The Wild Turkey kiosk was intended to tell the brand’s unique story. It shared some of the same characteristics of the Woodinville Whiskey Event Kiosk we created below, but the Woodinville Whiskey brand has its own story to tell. If you are interested in learning more about the details of that kiosk, check out our blog: Creating an Event POP Dislay for Whiskey Festivals: Our Woodinville Whiskey Experience.

If you are looking to build your brand by cultivating brand enthusiasts at the grass roots level, establishing an impactful presence with a well designed Event Kiosk is a proven approach to generating results.

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