Understanding the Retail Environmental Design Process

The environmental design creates the foundation of the retail experience and the very identity of a retail brand. As such, we aim to create meaningful retail experiences that captivate the customer and build a distinctive and enduring brand image.  How do we do this? Like any great Hollywood director, we tell stories, stories that connect with human emotion, stories that stand out, and stories that beg to be retold.

Sony in line store display - New York

Our integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to environmental store design combines architectural design, space planning, interior design, graphic design, in-store branding, fixture design, and visual merchandising. The overarching objective of our approach is to create retail environments that increase revenue and create a superior ROI.  To achieve these objectives, we follow a 4-phased process:

Phase 1: Research– We conduct detailed market research in 3 primary areas:

  1. Customer/Market– We analyze the market to understand the size, growth, demographics, geographic boundaries, neighborhood characteristics, target and secondary customer characteristics, etc.
  2. Competitive Analysis– We research and evaluate competitive retail offerings, available formats, value propositions, competitive positioning and strategy, customer characteristics, etc.
  3. Company Analysis– We focus on understanding our customer’s strengths and weaknesses, mission and vision, operational capabilities and strategies, current approach to branding, management objectives, etc.

Phase 2: Design– Equipped with detailed research from Phase 1, we set out to design a distinctive retail environment that tells a unique and compelling story and enables the retailer to connect with the customer. The design process incorporates a number of key elements, including:

  • Branding
  • Architectural/Interior design and space planning
  • Signage and décor
  • Custom Millwork
  • POP Displays and Store Fixtures.

Each of these elements plays an important role in telling the story.

Phase 3: Production– Once the design direction is set, we move into the production phase in which we take the detailed mechanical and architectural drawings developed in the design phase and make them a reality. We leverage our 25 years of production experience and our blended overseas and domestic production capabilities to create high quality and cost-effective retail elements, including signage and décor, custom millwork, and a wide range of point of purchase displays and retail store fixtures. Production encompasses the creation of physical prototypes, production units, and quality control.

Cushe Store within a Store Environment

Phase 4Implementation- During the implementation phase, we rely heavily on our deep project management experience and warehousing and logistics capabilities. We customize each program to match our customer’s rollout schedule. Our installation teams have the skills and experience necessary to install anything we design. Our goal during this phase is to achieve operational excellence through on-time, on-budget, and hassle-free installations.

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