This Pop-Up Store Has It All

Over the last decade, Pop-Up stores have become an integral part of the retail landscape. For traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, they offer greater flexibility and lower risk than traditional long-term leases, while also providing an opportunity to test new markets and launch new products. Online and omnichannel retailers can also benefit from temporary retail through face-to-face customer interactions and additional brand exposure that might not otherwise be available through eCommerce sales. Achieving success in temporary retail requires the same level of design excellence and operational execution as is necessary in permanent retail. In today’s post, we’ll share one inspiring example of a luxury apparel Pop-Up store that creates a compelling shopping experience and feels anything but temporary.

Say “Hello” to Vuori, a fast-growing premium performance apparel brand inspired by the active Coastal California lifestyle. Building on its success in opening permanent retail stores, Vuori set its sights on The Hamptons to create its first Pop-Up store. Nestled on Eastern Long Island’s South Fork, The Hamptons is a collection of seaside communities well known as a summer destination for affluent New York City residents and celebrities. The commercial landscape is populated by high-end restaurants and designer boutiques so Vuori knew it had to bring its “A game” in creating a Pop-Up store that would impress an upper echelon clientele. We worked closely with Vouri dealers to engineer and fabricate many of the fixtures that populated the Pop-Up store.

Let’s take a look inside. To help introduce the Vuori brand, the Pop-Up store features a messaging wall to help tell the Vuori story. The messaging is clear and on-brand, and the wall is artistic and tastefully executed. It’s virtually impossible to by-pass the wall without taking note of the messaging.

The overview picture below shows the clean and simple Vuori branding on the wall behind the cash wrap. The space integrates a comfortable lounge area with display and plaform tables and a mix of exterior grey wall and birch wall panel systems with accompanying accessories.

The two pictures below show many of the same fixtures, but they highlight the wall graphics and the combination of wall shelves and hanging apparel bars.

A close-up of the lounge area features faux cement tables and comfortable seating- the perfect place for shopping companions to check messages on their phone or just relax.

The picture below shows a closer view of the grey wall and the very simple, minimalistic merchandising table with a metal tube frame an pre-finished birch plywood table.

The pop-up retail displays and décor combine to create a high-end designer boutique experience that fits the retail culture of The Hamptons.

Header graphics, faceouts, adjustable shelves, and mannequins are all important elements of the merchandising program.

Like the messaging wall, the wall art helps to communicate the premium nature of the Vuori brand while contributing to the high-end décor of the store.

The modular dressing rooms feature temporary walls with heavy-duty curtains. Shopping companions can take advantage of nearby seating while they prepare to approve or disapprove of the apparel items after the shopper emerges from behind the curtains.

Vuori’s Pop-Up store in the Hamptons provides an excellent example of creating a luxury Pop-Up store that is designed to build brand awareness while appealing to the target shopper demographics.

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