The Seismic Shift Toward Point of Purchase Wood Displays- Part III

Why They are Here to Stay and How You can Use them To Drive Sales and Build Brands

This is the third and final post in our 3-part series on point of purchase wood displays. We started the series by laying the foundation for why there is likely to be a significant shift toward wood displays in the retail world. If you missed Part I of our series and are curious to know why wood displays will experience accelerated growth, you can read our post here. In Part II of our series, we focused on how wood displays can be used to increase sales and build brand awareness. We did that primarily by sharing 9 very different examples of wood displays that we have designed and manufactured for customers across a range of industries and product categories. If you missed it, you can check out Part II here.

We’ll finish our series by sharing 8 more examples of sales-generating, brand-building wood displays. But before we do, let’s take a minute for two quick trivia questions that relate to some of the forces at work we examined in Part I of our series: (1) What country has the most trees? (2) What country has the least trees per capita? If you answered Russia to question 1, you are right. Russia has over 642 billion trees or 4, 449 trees per capita. And the country with the least trees? That would be Egypt which only has 1 tree per capita. It’s safe to say there are not a lot of wood displays coming out of Egypt.

Ok, so let’s get started with our 8 wood display examples:

1) Pasta Mama’s Floor Display– Pasta Mama’s was looking for a floor display to merchandise its line of handmade, locally sourced pastas and sauces. To reinforce the brand’s story, we created the 5-shelf floor display shown below which we made using unfinished solid pine. We added PVC shelf graphics and a hanging sign to identify products and help promote the brand. We milled the side and header boards to accommodate adjustable hooks for hanging products.

Pasta MAMA Wood Displays

2) Pasta Mama’s Counter Display– We continued the “natural” theme and created a complementary counter display using the same basic materials and construction. We opted to eliminate the header sign due to height constraints but added PVC side signs and shelf graphics. Like the floor display, the counter unit was built to handle both products that sit on shelves as well as products that hang.

Pasta MAMA counter Wood Displays

3) MantelMount Floor Display– We designed the large floor display shown below for MantelMount, the premier pull-down over-the-fireplace TV mount. One of the challenges with this display was to create a structure that was strong enough to hold a heavy TV mount with a solid clear acrylic panel. We used solid wood which we painted black before adding header and fireplace graphics. The structure was designed to be adjustable so that any one of 3 mounts could fit on the display. The display is versatile enough to be able to work in dealer showrooms as well as retail locations.

MantelMount Wood Displays

4) P.L.A.Y. Counter Display– Our fourth wood display example is the spinning counter display we made for P.L.A.Y. The display was designed to merchandise 8 SKUs of cat toys. We used walnut-stained pine for the base and panel frame and then constructed the main panel out of 2 pieces of slotted pre-finished birch to create some contrast with the frame and base. The panels accommodated standard slatwall hooks We added a 2-sided, die-cut PVC header sign.

Petplay Counter Wood Displays

5) Salesforce Fruit Bin Rack– All of our examples so far have incorporated solid wood. The Salesforce fruit bin rack shown below is an example of an MDF display that utilizes a teak laminate. We used the teak laminate on all of the surfaces including the edges to create a uniform, high-end look. We included laser cut acrylic side signs which we second surface printed on the back side to reinforce the premium look of the display.

salesforce Wood Displays

6) Silver Bridge Coffee Floor Display– We are frequently asked to customize our stock wood displays. Below is an example of how we did just that for Silver Bridge Coffee Company. We took one of our standard stock displays which we made out of solid pine. We painted it black and simply added header and side signs to reinforce the Silver Bridge brand and drive home the “locally roasted” message.

Silver Bridge Coffee Wood Displays

7) Sunfood Post Display– Sunfood has a full line of awesome natural food products. They like the raw wood look because it is consistent with their brand image. We made this small footprint, 4-sided slotted, spinning post display shown below to accommodate 24 hooks for bagged product. We added a 2-sided PVC header sign. This display works in almost any retail environment- from independent health food stores to convenience stores.

Sunfood floor spinner Wood Displays

8) Zippy Paws Mobile Merchandiser– The 2-sided dog collar and leash mobile merchandiser shown below is a good example of a wood display that is both cost-effective and highly versatile. We used solid pine for the base and sides, added a pegboard panel with hooks and wheels, and painted everything white. We included a 2-sided PVC header sign to help promote Zippy Paws’ leather collection.

ZIPPY PAW Wood Displays

That wraps up our series on wood displays. We hope we’ve convinced you of the impending seismic shift toward wood displays while also providing inspiration for your next point-of-purchase wood display project.

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