The Seismic Shift Toward Point of Purchase Wood Displays- Part II

Why They are Here to Stay and How You can Use them To Drive Sales and Build Brands

Welcome to Part II of our series on point of purchase wood displays. In Part I we made what we think is a compelling case for why retail wood displays are poised for significant growth. If you are interested in the forces at work driving the increased popularity of wood displays, you can check out Part I here. Having established that wood displays are here to stay, we now turn our attention to how they can be used to create sales lift and build brands. Today we’ll share 9 very different examples of wood displays that we have designed and manufactured for customers across a range of industries and product categories.

  • 5Fin Apparel Display- We built the 2-sided floor display shown below out of solid pine and added a walnut stained finish. The display features 10 cubbies which can be used for items like folded t-shirts, a center shelf for cross merchandising caps or other apparel items, and a center hang bar. It includes digitally printed side and header signs to promote the 5Fin brand. This wood display is relatively high capacity and makes a strong statement in a retail environment.
aftco Wood Displays
  • GT Golf Counter Display- We designed the spinning wood display shown below to merchandise ball markers and divot repair accessories in high-end golf shops. Wood was a natural material choice for this display, and the dark wood stain helped to create a premium look. We used our CNC machine to create holes for 16 ball marker facings, built two shelves on the opposite side, added top slots for divot repair tools, and used our laser engraving machine to brand the base.
GTG Wood Displays

3. 5-Shelf Warmies Display- The 2-sided, 5-shelf wood floor display shown below is a good example of a highly versatile display that can be heavily branded. We designed this for plush toys, but it could be used for a wide range of products. We built this in solid pine and added a white washed finish, screen printed branding on the base and shelves, and a 2-sided removable PVC header sign.

intelex Wood Displays

4. Cherished Girl T-Shirt Display- Our first 3 examples were made of solid wood. The spinning t-shirt display shown below is made of MDF with a custom laminate finish. Our customer was interested in a particular finish that we could only accomplish with a laminate. The display is designed to hold 2 stacks of side-by-side folded t-shirts. We like the pink edge banding as a branding accent to the pink Cherished Girl header. This is a relatively simple display, but it has a clean, upscale look, and the bright pink definitely catches your eye.

Kerruso Wood Displays

5. Fat Brain Toys Floor Display- We designed the 3-sided toy display below to be fun and attractive to kids and adults alike. We used pre-finished birch and solid pine for the trim. We combined shelves, hooks, and a bin to merchandise the product. We designed the brightly colored trim, edge banding, and colorful graphics to accomplish the “fun factor” and added permanent header graphics to promote the Fat Brain Toys brand.

Fat Brain toys Wood Displays

6. Klymit Floor Display- Our sixth example is a sleeping bag/sleeping pad display we designed for Klymit. We used MDF with a white melamine finish since we wanted to make the graphics pop and wanted to keep the cost of the materials down. We designed the display to have 4 cubbies and a tall open section with a hang bar. This display is really all about the graphics. The hero graphic on the side tells the product story and provides the main visual draw. The printed yellow shelf graphics also draw attention to the product, and the header graphics help build the Klymit brand.

klymit full Wood Displays

7. Leef Organics Rolling Paper Display- The counter display shown below is specifically designed to have an unfinished raw wood look. It’s a gravity-fed rolling paper display. It includes 4 acrylic sleeves for product-specific graphics. The product is designed to be loaded from the rear of the display. We laser engraved the graphics in keeping with the natural theme of the display.

LEEF Organics Wood Displays

8. Aqua Floor Display- We wanted to share the 5-shelf floor display shown below as an example of a basic, highly versatile wood floor display. We made this display out of solid pine and added a white washed finish. The key to this display is the graphics. We incorporated side, header and shelf graphics, all of which were digitally printed on PVC. The display disassembles for shipping and could be used for a wide variety of products.

Marina Vape Wood Displays

9. Wood Underwear Floor Display- If you have a product that is wood underwear, the most logical material for a display is wood. To achieve our customer’s merchandising objectives, we designed this simple and clean 2-sided, 10-shelf wood floor display. We built this out of pre-finished birch and added permanent graphics to the base and sides. We designed the framed header to hold an interchangeable PVC sign.


Be sure to look for Part III of this series on wood displays in which we will share more examples of practical and affordable wood displays.

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