Test Your Knowledge of Retail POP Displays with This 10-Question Quiz

We put together this short 10-question quiz to test your knowledge of retail POP displays. Take the quiz to find out if you know as much as you think you know. At the end of the quiz we provide answers with brief explanations as necessary.

1) Many POP displays are made of metal. In June of 2008, the price of steel per metric ton was $1265. What was the price per metric ton of steel in March 2016?
A)    $1125
B)    $90
C)    $855
D)    $1202

2) Which of the following wood floor shelf displays is designed for maximum material yield?
A)  32”W x 18”D x 50”H
B)  19.5”W x 13.25”D x 49.75”H
C)  13”W x 17”D x 52”H
D)  23.75”W x 15.75”D x 48”H

3) Which of the following processes is not used in plastic fabrication?
A)    Injection Molding
B)    Vacuum Forming
C)    Contour Molding
D)    Blow Molding

4) What does MDF stand for?
A)    Medium Density Fiberboard
B)    Multi Decking Freeboard
C)    Moderate Décor Finish
D)    None of the Above

5) Which of the following is an OSHA hook?









6) To determine dimensional weight for domestic shipping, which of the following package dimension formulas is correct?
A)    Length x Width x Height
B)    Length + Width + Height
C)    2 x Length + 0.5 x Width x Height
D)    (Length x Width x Height) / 166
E)    None of the Above

7) Bamboo is an environmentally friendly and highly sustainable material. While hardwoods can take up to 50 years to grow to maturity, some species of bamboo have been clocked to grow how many inches per day:
A)    36”
B)    4”
C)    12”
D)    24”

8) CMYK refers to the four inks used in some color printing. What do the letters CMYK stand for?
A)    Color Matching Yield Key
B)    Cyan Magenta Yellow Kelvin
C)    Color Metric Yardstick Kit
D)    Cyan Magenta Yellow Key
E)    None of the Above

9) Which metal finish is most expensive?
A)    Clear coating
B)    Powder coating
C)    Chrome plating
D)    Zinc plating

10) Relative to incandescent light bulbs, LED lights:
A)    Consume up 80% less energy
B)    Last 50 times longer
C)    Are resistant to heat, cold, and shock
D)    All of the above
Scroll Down For Answers

1)    B
2)    D. Standard sheet good sizes are 48”x96” so maximizing material yield will reduce cost.

3)    C
4)    A
5)    C
6)    D
7)    A
8)    D. The “K” stands for key (black).
9)    C. Chrome plating is the most expensive and most environmentally hazardous.
10)    D

How did you do?
1)    9-10 correct answers= Varsity
2)    7-8 correct answers= Junior Varsity
3)    5-6 correct answers= Freshman
4)    Less than 5 correct answers= Trainee

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