Stock and Custom POP Displays- Options for 2022

Making predictions is risky business, particularly given the current uncertainties we face due to an aggressive and evasive virus, rampant inflation, persistent supply chain disruptions, and ongoing geopolitical tensions. So, although we remain optimistic for the retail industry in 2022, we decided to forgo the predictions and instead we thought we would share a few highlights from our newly released 2022 catalog of stock POP displays and other custom options. This year’s catalog features numerous examples of custom POP displays which we hope will inspire you. In today’s post, we’ll also share a few highlights of our line of stock POP displays, which are available for immediate shipment or which can be customized and branded. If you would like to see the full catalog, you can download it here.

Below are a few highlights from the custom display section of this year’s catalog. We attempted to feature an array of floor displays like the Coola shelf display shown below which incorporates bamboo plywood accents, 3D laser-cut letters, and colorful edge banding.

The Inedit floor display shown below is a good example of some of the metal displays we feature.

A third example of a floor display you’ll find in this year’s catalog is the Mexican Tequila display which is constructed of stained solid wood/plywood and includes PVC side and header signs.

We also feature a number of examples of custom counter displays such as the Dazzle Dry cosmetics display shown below.

In the stock section of our catalog, you will find a wide range of POP displays to merchandise everything from apparel and accessories to eyewear, footwear, headwear, and a variety of peggable and everyday shelf items. We offer numerous cap display options such as the CAP-12ECO shown below.

Our 4-WAY-EXT is an example of the many options we offer in the category of configurable apparel displays.

A third example of a stock display is our 4-sided, spinning, 20-cubby t-shirt display.

Finally, we’ll share a couple examples of customized versions of our stock displays.  The first example shows how our SFL-HRACK can be easily converted to a branded apparel rack.

Another example is the WD-HG-TGW stock display shown below which we painted black and then added branded graphics.

While we are not sure what 2022 will bring, one thing we do know is that our stock line will be available for our customers, and we’ll continue to create practical, affordable, and effective custom displays across a broad range of product and retail categories.

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