Simple, Practical and Affordable POP Counter Displays- Part III

Today we wrap up our blog series on POP counter displays, a series in which we have been focusing on examples of counter displays that share 3 attributes- simplicity, practicality, and affordability. We are always extremely mindful of the fact that any POP display has to make economic sense. A display is an investment, not a cost. It needs to generate a positive and attractive return on investment. That mindset should always be the starting point for any retail display project.

In the first two parts of this series we looked at 20 examples of POP counter displays. If you missed those posts, you can check out Part I here and Part II here. Let’s jump right into our last 10 examples.

  1. Ubiquiti Networks Amplifi Display– We created this display to showcase Ubiquiti’s home WI-FI mesh technology in Micro Center stores. Constructed out of black sintra PVC, this display featured a direct printed back panel, an interchangeable front panel magnetic graphic, and live electrical outlets to power the Amplifi components.
Ubiquiti POP counter displays

2.) 180s EXOLITE Ear Warmer Display– The primary objective of the ear warmer display shown below was to highlight the key differentiating feature of the EXOLITE ear warmers which is that they are designed to wrap around the back of your head rather than the top of your head like traditional ear warmers. We constructed this display out of powder coated sheet metal and added a vinyl base graphic. We incorporated a slatwall bracket under the base and designed a neck joint that enabled the head to rotate 180 degrees so it could also be hung on slatwall.

180s POP counter displays

3.) Vessel Vape Pen Display– We designed this POP counter display to merchandise Vessel’s line of premium vape pens. We started with a solid wood structure which we finished with a dark stain and then added a white MDF deck, clear acrylic product cradles, a clear acrylic topper with a screen-printed logo, and a mounted PVC header sign.

Veseel Vape pen POP counter displays

4.) Riedel Drinkware Display– Riedel needed a countertop glorifier display to go in Macy’s stores for its line of high-end drink-specific glassware. To achieve a premium look, we chose glossy black acrylic and then direct printed the graphics on our flatbed printer. We added individual glass risers which we wrapped with product-specific vinyl graphics.

Riedel drinkware POP counter displays

5.) Sengled Counter Display– We used simple graphics and a digital media player with a looping video to educate customers on Sengled’s line of smart lighting, which can be controlled via a phone app or your voice. We made these displays out of sintra PVC and designed a curved back panel with direct printed graphics. We also created a frame for the media player instead of embedding it.

Sengled POP counter displays

6.) Sig Sauer Scope Display– Rather than displaying a rifle scope in a cradle which is the most common approach, we designed a demo rifle with rubber straps to secure the scope. We made the demo rifle out of MDF with a painted finish and added screen printed graphics. The display was designed to enable the customer to pick up the demo rifle and test a variety of scopes.

Sig Sauer POP counter displays

7.) Sun Bum Lip Balm Display– We designed the 2-tiered counter lip balm display out of custom yellow acrylic. We incorporated single peg hooks to work with Sun Bum’s packaging and added screen printed graphics on the front and sides of the display.

Sun bum POP counter displays

8.) Moonglow Jewelry Box– Moonglow was looking for a transportable jewelry box that was easy to carry around but could also be used as a counter display. We built the box out of solid pine and pine plywood and added dividers to create 20 numbered compartments. We direct printed graphics on both sides of the lid and incorporated a hinge that would hold the top open.

Moonglow POP counter displays

9.) Carrier Cor Home Automation System Demo Display– Somewhat similar to the Moonglow jewelry box above, we designed the portable display shown below for Carrier’s Cor Home Automation System. The Cor system enables home owners to control and remotely manage their home’s most critical systems so we created a display board on which we mounted the key control components such as the WI-FI thermostat, outdoor camera, door lock, etc. We direct printed the graphics, built the carrying case out of plywood, and added electrical connectivity so the display could be plugged in.

10.) Zodiac Valve Display– Our final POP counter display example is an educational glorifier display we made for Zodiac’s Jandy Pro Series Valves. Simple and cost effective, we constructed this display out of black PVC with direct printed graphics. We mounted a demo valve on a branded riser and designed a built-in space for take-away brochures.

Zodiac POP counter displays

That completes our 3-part series on simple, practical and affordable POP counter displays. We hope some of the 30 examples we shared will provide inspiration for your next POP display project.

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