Simple, Practical and Affordable POP Counter Displays-Part II

POP counter displays can be effective for merchandising products that are typically sold as impulse items, but they can also help to sell destination items. Irrespective of the type of product being sold, having an attractive point-of-purchase display that captures shopper attention is key to maximizing sales. Welcome to Part II of our blog series on counter displays. Our focus for the series is to share 30 examples of POP counter displays that are simple, practical, and affordable. If you missed Part I, you can see the first 10 examples we shared here. Today we’ll share our next 10 examples.

  1. La Chatelaine Hand Cream Display– As with most effective retail displays, we designed the La Chatelaine display shown below in a way that let the product do the talking. Not only does the product have an eye-catching color palette, but this luxury French beauty brand made Oprah’s 2019 list of most favorite things. We designed a clear acrylic display that enabled the hand creams to hang and only added a screen-printed 1-color logo.
La chatelaine POP counter displays
  • Get Back Necklaces– The surfboard jewelry display shown below is a good example of a simple thematic counter display. We made this display for Get Back Necklaces to merchandise its line of St. Christopher necklaces which were worn as good luck charms by members of the 1970’s beach culture. These displays feature solid wood construction, a painted finish and a direct printed logo.
Get back necklaces POP counter displays

3.) GT Golf Counter Display– We designed the spinning counter merchandiser shown below to generate impulse sales for GT Golf’s line of ball markers and divot repair tools in golf shops. We constructed the display out of walnut-stained unfinished birch plywood and used our CNC machine to cut holes for the ball markers. We added shelves, grooves to hold the divot repair tools, and laser-engraved branding.

GT Golf POP counter displays

4.) P.L.A.Y. Cat Toy Display– People love to spoil their pets, and cat owners are no exception. P.L.A.Y. asked us to create a spinning counter display to showcase their line of cat toys. We created a simple 2-sided hook display to accommodate their 8-SKU retail program. We used a walnut-stained pine frame, a stained plywood base, a slotted pre-finished birch plywood back panel with slatwall hooks, and a die-cut PVC header sign.

PLAY POP counter displays

5.) Two Roots Counter Glorifier– Two Roots Brewing Co. competes in the highly competitive craft beer market. They were looking for a display to stand out in the fast-growing cannabis-infused craft beer market. We designed the display shown below out of PVC which we direct printed and cut out on our digital flatbed cutter. We incorporated 3D layered elements to create an interesting visual and draw attention to the display.

Two Roots POP counter displays

6.) Therabreath Counter Display– The 2-tiered acrylic counter display shown below offers the versatility of being able to be used as a POP counter display or as an inline shelf display. Walgreens elected to use it as an inline shelf display so we embedded magnets in the bottom of the display to secure it to metal shelves.  We constructed these displays using clear acrylic to maximize product visibility, incorporated pushers, and included a back graphic to provided product refill information for store personnel.

Therabreath POP counter displays

7.) Norweco Counter Glorifier– Another example of a simple product glorifier is the Singulair Green display we made for Norweco. These types of displays are designed to draw attention to or “glorify” a product, create brand awareness, and also educate the shopper about the product. In this case, we made the entire display out of direct printed sintra. We mounted a model of the product and added a clear brochure holder for product literature.

Norweco POP counter displays

8.) Floracal Farms Counter Display– Another example of a simple and affordable counter display is the retail merchandiser shown below that we made for Floracal Farms to market its line of premium cannabis flowers. We used solid wood with a dark stained finish to communicate a rich, premium look and added a die-cut PVC header sign that could be easily removed for shipping.

Floracal Farms POP counter displays

9.) Spinning Post Counter Display– Our 9th example looks a little naked with no product, but we wanted to share an example of a spinning center post display primarily because of its versatility. This 4-sided display can be used for a wide range of products. We created slotted panels on all 4 sides and designed the slots to accept standard slatwall hooks. It offers great adjustability and includes a sign holder to accommodate a header sign.

Spinning post POP counter displays

10.) 4-Sided Counter Post Display with Fixed Hooks– Our final example today is a similar spinning post display, but this one incorporates fixed press-fit hooks instead of the adjustable slotted design shown above. This display has the limitation of fixed hook locations, but it is a more economical choice relative to the slotted display shown above because it does not require a lot of CNC cutting time. We used solid wood construction with a white washed finish and added a PVC header sign to complete this display.

Get Back Necklaces POP counter displays

Thanks for checking out today’s blog. Be sure not to miss our last 10 examples which we will share in Part III of our series.

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