Simple, Practical and Affordable POP Counter Displays- Part I

POP counter displays can be a great way to introduce or build your brand. Counter space is often more difficult to get in a retail store simply because there is less of it. However, counter displays offer a number of advantages over floor displays, namely:

· Counter displays are generally more affordable because they use less materials.

· Because they are smaller, they cost less to ship.

· They are often more visible than floor displays, particularly if they are near the checkout area.

· They represent a lower product spend for the retailer and therefore may make it easier to get retail placement.

Welcome to Part I of our 3-part series on counter displays, a series in which our simple objective is to share 30 examples of counter displays that are simple, practical, and affordable. Let’s get right to a brief fly-by of our first 10 displays.

  1. Terra & Co.– We created the display shown below to showcase Terra & Co.’s line of sustainable oral care products. We used solid bamboo and a thick block of clear acrylic with product cut-outs to create a rich look to reinforce the company’s brand image.
Terra & Co Counter displays

2.) Cape Cod Chokers– This family of counter hook spinners enabled our customer to present a range of options to retailers who had different space requirements. The smallest of the three featured 8 hooks, while the largest offered 3 times the carrying capacity with 24 hooks. We made these out of solid pine and pine plywood with a white washed finish and a PVC sign for branding.

Cape Cod Counter displays

3.) 4 Ocean– We worked with 4 Ocean to create a simple bamboo display to merchandise its line of recycled bracelets. Sustainability is central to the company’s mission and story so bamboo was a good choice because of its environmentally-friendly properties. We direct printed and laser engraved the graphics and used press-fit metal hooks.

4Ocean Counter displays

4. Allegro Coffee– The simple 2-tiered riser display shown below was designed to hold bags of coffee. We made the risers out of solid pine and pine plywood which we stained a dark grey and then added a removable PVC header and front shelf sign.

Allegro Coffee Counter displays

5.) Aloe Up Sign Holder Display– To help build brand awareness for Aloe Up, we made the super simple sign holder display shown below. We used ¾” solid bamboo and added direct- printed front lip graphics and a center slot for a digitally printed PVC sign.

Aloe up Counter displays

6.) Case Yard– Another example of a very simple but cost-effective counter display is the 2-sided Case Yard display shown below. We made this out of pre-finish Baltic Birch. We left the edges raw, direct printed the header graphics, used press-fit metal hooks, and made the unit knock-down so it could ship in a flat box.

Case Yard Counter displays

7.) Criquet– We made the Criquet tabletop sign shown below to create brand awareness. We fabricated the sign out of MDF with a glossy green painted finish and then added a circular screen-printed acrylic lug-on.

Criquet Counter displays

8.) Descente Branding Block– To promote the Descente brand, we created the branding block shown below. We used MDF with a glossy black painted finish and added laser-cut white acrylic letters on 4 sides.

Descente Counter displays

9.) Essentiel Counter Display Riser– Another example of a simple, cost-effective way to set your product apart from other products on the same shelf is the Essentiel display we created below.  Similar to some of the other examples, we used solid bamboo to create a natural vibe. We screen printed on the front of the riser and added a removable back-panel PVC sign.

Essentiel Counter displays

10.) Forsake Logo Block– We’ll wrap up today with a very basic logo block which we made to help bring visibility to the Forsake brand on the tabletop. This logo block features solid wood construction with a clear coated finish and a direct-printed logo graphic.

POP counter displays offer a great opportunity to build brand awareness and increase sales. Check out these 10 simple, practical, and affordable examples.
Forsake Counter displays

Be sure to tune in to Part II of this blog series in which we will share 10 more examples of POP counter displays.

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