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Over the years we have designed dozens of T-shirt displays. While there are many different types of retail T-shirt displays, particularly those on which T-shirts are hung, T-shirt cubby displays are relatively popular in the retail industry because they can hold a lot of inventory while also providing an effective vehicle to merchandise T-shirts. Some T-shirt cubby displays are too generic and fail to meet their merchandising objectives. However, if properly designed, a T-shirt cubby display can be a great way to sell a lot of T-shirts without taking up too much floor space. In today’s blog we will look at 6 examples of T-shirt cubby displays designed by RICH LTD., and we will focus on the specific design elements that make them effective.

We designed the 4-sided spinning t-shirt cubby display below for Guy Harvey. Like other t-shirt cubby displays we have designed, this display features a shelf area for folded t-shirts and a corresponding graphic so shoppers can easily select the t-shirt they like. This unit includes 20 cubbies and fits a lot of t-shirts. The diagonal 2-sided header sign helps to promote the Guy Harvey brand.


We designed the 2-sided spinning retail t-shirt display below for Kerusso’s Cherished Girl line. It occupies a smaller footprint than the 4-sided display above and is a smaller capacity unit with only 10 t-shirt cubbies and corresponding graphics. What makes this display stand out is the custom bright pink laminate and half moon branded header on 2 sides.


The 2 t-shirt cubby displays shown above are constructed using MDF. However for some retail environments, wire t-shirt cubby displays are appropriate and are typically more cost effective. The wire t-shirt cubby shown below utilizes the same basic concept but is constructed using wire grid panels which are mounted on an MDF base. We added cap pockets to the top to make this a multi-product merchandiser. Even with the 12 cap pockets, this display accommodates an eye-catching die-cut header sign.

Calcuta Brand T-Shirt cubbie

Most of these t-shirt cubby displays can either ship knock-down or they can ship assembled. For assembled units, it is often very economical to fulfill the displays and ship them directly to retailers with the t-shirts. The picture below shows the assembly and fulfillment process we completed for a 500+ Pep Boys store rollout.

Pep Boys T-Shirt Cubbie

The 2-sided wood t-shirt cubby display shown below includes a number of added display features compared to a traditional t-shirt cubby display. Constructed of solid wood, this display includes 10 t-shirt cubbies with the t-shirt graphics mounted on the sides. The display includes a hanging bar to hang t-shirts and a shelf for caps or other apparel accessories. The Hill Billy header sign provides a large and excellent branding opportunity.

Hillbilly T-Shirt Cubbie

The next example is a high capacity t-shirt cubby display we designed for Hoyt. It is a 4-sided spinning display with 8 cubbies per side for a total of 32 cubbies. The display is designed to carry 16 SKUs, but it carries twice the inventory with 2 cubbies per SKU. A high capacity t-shirt cubby display like this is designed for high traffic, larger footprint stores.

Hoyt - T-shirt Cubby Retail Display

The final example is a 2-sided solid wood spinning t-shirt cubby display we designed for the Old Guys Rule brand. This display includes 8 cubbies with corresponding graphics and includes wire cap pockets on the top shelf with a digitally printed PVC header graphic.

T-shirt cubby displays can be customized in many different ways and can be adapted to merchandise a wide range of other products in addition to t-shirts and apparel items.

Old Guys Rule Apparel Cubby Retail Display

T-shirt cubby displays can be customized in many different ways and can be adapted to merchandise a wide range of other products in addition to t-shirts and apparel items.

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