Retail Tire Displays that Sell More Tires

Let’s face it. Tires are bulky items that lack sex appeal and are a little difficult to display in a retail store. All tires are round in shape and black in color so it is difficult for a consumer to tell one tire from another. The main visual differentiator among tires is probably the tread. But, as we all know there is actually a big difference between high quality tires and cheap tires that are not going to last for very long. So what can you do to draw attention to a tire and get a potential buyer to take the time to learn about what makes a particular tire better or different from all the other tires offered in the store. In today’s blog, we’ll look at a few examples of retail tire displays that RICH LTD. has designed for the automotive aftermarket retail industry.


A few years ago we designed a very simple yet effective set of tire displays for Pep Boys. Our objective was to create a large 2-sided tire display to hold a total of 4 tires as well as a shorter version to hold only 2 tires. The displays were constructed using 2” round tube. The top bend of the display had a fairly tight radius which was challenging from a manufacturing standpoint. However, the curved top was visually appealing and well worth it. We used a perforated sheet metal main panel which we powder coated silver to create contrast with the black powder coated tube frame. We also added a removable side graphic frame that provided a space for product-specific information as well as a die-cut header sign which drew attention to the brand. These knock-down displays also included universal mounting brackets that could work with any tire.

We designed a variation of the above display for Nexen Tire. For this display we used a square tube frame with no center panel. The horizontal part of the tube frame was designed to make a cradle to hold tires on both sides. We silk screened the Nexen logo on the sheet metal plates that formed retaining lips for the tires. We added a 2-sided digitally printed PVC header sign and a wire brochure holder that invited consumers to learn more about the features and benefits of Nexen tires.


Over the last couple of years, we have designed many other tire displays. While these displays are designed to accommodate different numbers of tires, they all share a common set of design characteristics: knock-down metal tube frame, a well-branded header sign, branded sheet metal components, optional side signs, and product information graphics or brochure holders.

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