Retail Store Displays for the Automotive Market

In our last blog we looked at several examples of retail tire displays that we designed to engage consumers and differentiate a particular brand of tires relative to other brands. Today we’ll review a number of other examples of retail store displays and tire showroom displays for the automotive market. RICH LTD. designed these automotive showroom displays as part of the extensive work we have done for automotive aftermarket brands and leading retail chains.

We designed the 15 ft. wide industrial strength battery rack shown below for AutoZone. The automotive display was designed to be knock-down and was constructed in 3 contiguous 5 ft. sections. We used heavy-duty sheet metal for the angled shelves and the structural components of the fixture. We created ample space for shelf branding as well as large PVC header graphics with the option for a digital media player to be inserted in the middle of the center graphic.

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Another automotive display that we think stands out from the others in automotive aftermarket stores is the floor mat display we designed for Kraco. This 4-sided display was constructed of round metal tube and features unique bends which set it apart from the angular square tube displays that are commonplace in many automotive aftermarket retail stores. The automotive shop display had a chrome finish which gave it a high-end look, and the unique 4-sided header was designed to build the Kraco brand and draw attention to the floor mats.


It’s not every day that you have a chance to design an inline exhaust tip display, but we had an opportunity to do just that for Pilot Automotive’s auto retail display. This minimalistic display was designed to put the focus on Pilot’s line of chrome plated exhaust tips while also reinforcing the Pilot brand. We created a universal exhaust tip mounting bracket that fit into the existing gondola pegboard and added base and header graphics to the automotive display.


And then there are mud flaps. You may not have given much thought to how to display mud flaps. Neither had we, but we designed a really simple 2-tiered open wire pocket that could work with pegboard, hold the mud flaps and provide a clear view of the mud flaps. We added generic graphics to the shelf lip to help the consumer quickly identify the product category from the automotive shop display.


For another project, we designed a couple of freestanding brake line displays for AGS, one of which was for Napa Auto Parts. Both of these displays utilized a knock-down metal tube frame with a vacuum formed base. We added die-cut header signs and silk screened graphics to the base of both units. On the AGS automotive display we added side panels with hooks and shelves to merchandise complementary products.


We also had an opportunity to design some spark plug displays for Pulstar. We created locking floor and counter displays that featured generous branding. Both displays utilized a metal tube frame with PVC graphics. We added a simple wire brochure holder to the side of the counter display to provide the customer with more detailed product information.


Oil funnels are generally low price point items that are difficult to find room for in most automotive aftermarket plan-o-grams. We designed a very low cost wire oil funnel display that could be mounted to gondola uprights. The display featured a removable graphic strip. The design was intended to get at least some of the oil funnels at eye level to generate maximum incremental sales, while also utilizing space that would otherwise be considered dead space.


We have had numerous opportunities to design displays for car care products. Below are two examples of displays we designed for Surf City Garage. The first was designed to look like a gas pump. It utilized a steel frame with single peg hooks and vacuum formed gas pump components.


The other Surf City Garage display was a simple metal tube and wire display that was very basic. What made this display pop was the 3D vacuumed formed header sign that really promoted the Surf City Garage brand.


Finally, we designed a couple of digital display information kiosks for the automotive aftermarket retail environment. The design focus of both of these displays was to be very basic and sleek with the main emphasis on the digital display monitor. Both displays have different execution elements but accomplish the same basic objective of keeping the footprint small and drawing the consumer in.

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