Retail Store Design: An Inside Look at Creating “Experience” for Beauty Creations Cosmetics

In 2020, consumers spent more than $861 billion online with U.S. merchants- up an astounding 44% over 2019. That’s nearly triple the online sales growth rate from prior year. With ecommerce sales representing an estimated 21.3% of total retail sales, it has never been more important for brick-and-mortar retailers to create store designs that offer compelling, inspirational experiences that offer greater value to consumers than the convenience of online shopping. Welcome to today’s post on retail store design in which we’ll provide a glimpse of our approach to creating an immersive and fun retail shopping experience for Beauty Creations Cosmetics.

Meet Beauty Creations, a fast-growing, value-oriented, and innovative cosmetics brand seeking to redefine the beauty industry by making beauty accessible to consumers who are unable to afford more expensive luxury beauty products. Our role in creating a winning store design was to capture the passion and translate the vision of the company’s founder and CEO into a physical environment that could offer a unique and memorable shopping experience capable of converting shoppers into brand enthusiasts.

The new Beauty Creations stores are located in mall settings so the exterior store design, to which we offer credit to the architectural team, is critical to capturing impulse foot traffic while also initiating the experience for destination shoppers.

Our strategy for the interior design was to begin with a few signature fixtures which could set the tone for the shopping experience and serve as “brand pillars” around which we could build the other fixtures. We began with a canopied mist cart which we used to merchandise setting spray collections that we displayed in crates surrounded by a fruit assortment.

Our second signature fixture was a Brow Clinic which was designed to offer the same level of care, attention, and expertise to a customer’s brows as one might expect to receive from a medical clinic for treatment of a health condition.

As every woman and makeup artist knows, foundation plays an all-important role in creating an even complexion and covering flaws. So, as you might expect, we considered the foundation table we designed to be a “foundational” design element and part of our feature fixture set. Similar to a number of other fixtures, we created a marble table top with gold trim and used oversized polyresin foundation bottles as the front legs.

Having laid the foundation for the store design with the signature fixtures, we moved on to create an “All about the lips” wall. We incorporated large vacuum formed lip framed mirrors and cabinet fixtures with tabletop merchandisers.

For the exterior glass wall, we designed a self-service glitter station with 21 independent and colorful glitter dispensers to create a fun, engaging customer experience as well as interior and exterior visual appeal.

Consistent with the pink, marble, and gold fixture décor, we designed the “Dare to Be Bright” merchandising table to showcase the brand’s 12-shade collection including the tabletop color wheel.

We continued the “Dare to Be Bright” theme with a matching double-wide fixture that incorporated all of the same design elements as the larger fixture.

We designed a similar fixture with “Colors of Love” messaging which also featured an array of products in 12 different shades, as well as a tabletop color wheel with color wheel backstock.

Because lashes are SKU-intensive and an important part of the Beauty Creations brand, we created an entire “Lash Out” wall with ample space to merchandise the company’s broad selection of lashes. The marble wall featured pink perimeter LED lighting, a bright neon sign, an embedded digital media player with a continuous looping video, and pink cabinetry for backstock storage.

We also designed a makeup station with center storage, a generous working surface, and matching wall mirrors.

While there were a number of other fixtures included in the store planogram, the last fixture we will highlight is the 2-station cash wrap which includes the same marble surface, pink cabinetry, and gold hardware.

Now that we have reviewed the key fixtures, we will end today’s blog with two overview images that provide a spacial persective on the fixture arrangement for 2 different stores that share common fixtures but have different floor plans.

Thanks for checking out today’s blog. We hope it will help to inspire your next retail store design.

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