Retail POP Displays for the Outdoor Retailer Market- Part II

In our last blog, we highlighted one of our recent retail POP displays for the outdoor retailer market. That project involved an end cap display we made for goTenna’s product launch in REI stores nationwide. If you missed it, you can access that blog here. In today’s Part II of this 2-part series on POP displays for the outdoor retailer market, we’ll look at 3 more of our recent projects for this market, each of which was intended for very different products within the general outdoor products category.

Our first example is a project we just completed for Smart IT USA which specializes in high-quality consumer electronics accessories. This particular project was a slatwall set for the company’s Swiss Mobility line. The display consisted of a large mountainous graphic which we printed on vinyl and mounted to PVC board. We cut holes in the graphic board using our CNC machine so the slatwall hooks could be hung on the slatwall and come through the graphic. We added slatwall brackets to the back of the PVC board and then cut a piece of red translucent acrylic which we mounted to the PVC board with aluminum standoffs. We used white vinyl graphics on the red acrylic to make the Swiss Mobility brand pop. The first picture below focuses on the header design and construction, whereas the second picture shows the entire slatwall set which includes slatwall hooks to hang the product and 4 PVC info graphics with slatwall bracket attachments.

swiss close up Retail POP Displays
swiss Retail POP Displays

Our second example is a multi-product metal and bamboo retail floor display that we designed for Shimano. This display, which is a good example of a cross-merchandising fixture, is designed to feature Shimano’s line of Scheels fishing rods, clothing, and headwear. The display is built on a bamboo base and includes a 4-Way slotted metal tube frame. We added 6 adjustable wire cap pockets, 2 waterfall arms to hold clothing, and a 2-sided bamboo header in which we laser engraved and paint filled the logo.  Next to the metal structure we built a bamboo fishing rod rack which was constructed of 100% bamboo with vinyl graphics added on both sides of the top.

shimano Retail POP Displays

Our final example today, is a sock tower display we designed and fabricate for Wigwam’s line of high performance socks to go in retailers in the U.S. and the U.K. The display is a good example of how any of our stock fixtures can be adapted and customized to create a highly effective POP merchandiser. This display features a metal base tray on castors with wood inserts that are stained to look like reclaimed wood. The 4-sided center column is constructed of slotted sheet metal which we powder coated black. The slotting system allow for ultimate configurability and adjustability. We added a cool upgraded header which is constructed of the same stained wood we used for the base, but then we added clear acrylic on both sides with standoffs and a screen printed logo. The center column accommodates adjustable wire hangers which are designed to hold socks. The display looks a little naked without product, but once it is loaded, it looks like a relatively high-end display that effectively communicates Wigwam’s premium image. You can see how the same display could easily be adapted to fit other accessories such as cap pockets, shoe shelves, straight-outs, waterfall arms, etc.

Retail POP Displays

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