Retail Gift and Souvenir Displays that Drive Impulse Sales- Part II

Gifts, novelties, and souvenirs are generally lower priced, impulse items. Distinct from products that are considered destination items, this category of consumer goods requires a thoughtful approach to merchandising. Retail gift and souvenir displays must be economical, eye-catching, and well placed within the store. In Part I of this series, we outlined some of the keys to success in creating POP displays that drive retail impulse sales. We shared 10 examples to illustrate those principles. Today we’ll share 11 more examples.

  1. Get Back Necklaces– We made these brightly colored countertop surfboards to create a 1970’s beach culture vibe while providing an effective way to merchandise Get Back Necklaces’ line of St. Christopher surf medals. Simple and cost effective, these displays were created to fit in yet stand out in surf shops.
Get Back Necklace gift and souvenir displays
  1. Paladone Pegboard Display– Brightly colored and highly versatile, we designed this 2-sided mobile pegboard floor display for mugs, pegged products, and other gift items in Paladone’s extensive gift line.
Paladone gift and souvenir displays
  1. Grom Squad Cap Display– Headwear is one of the top-selling souvenir items and a popular apparel accessory. We customized the display shown below using our stock CAP-12ECO 12-pocket cap display by adding a PVC flag sign storyboard and header graphic.
Grom Squad gift and souvenir displays
  1. Cherished Girl T-Shirt Floor Display– We designed this spinning mobile t-shirt floor display to communicate quality, create impulse, and build the Cherished Girl brand. This display can be used to merchandise a variety of apparel items, and as discussed above, we used bright pink to capture shopper attention.
Cherished girl gift and souvenir displays

5. Ukes Counter Display– Sunglass straps make a great souvenir and are a perfect impulse item. We designed this solid bamboo counter display to merchandise Ukes’ awesome line of unique and trendy sunglass straps. We tried to keep the focus on the straps while attempting to reinforce quality through the beauty of bamboo, the lifestyle header graphic, and the 3D acrylic base logo.

Ukes gift and souvenir displays
  1. Minted Greeting Card Display– Greeting cards are traditionally a highly gifted item. We designed the tiered Minted countertop display for high-end greeting cards. Constructed of MDF with a premium wood grain laminate and 3D laser-cut acrylic letters, this display helped to create a top-of-the-line brand image for Minted.
Minted Greeting card gift and souvenir displays
  1. Multi-Product Floor Spinner– With gifts and souvenirs as with many product categories, effective cross-merchandising almost always creates sales lift. The spinning floor merchandiser shown below is an example of one of our versatile stock displays. It can be configured with a combination of sunglass panels and grids for hooks, cap pockets, or shelves.
Multi-product gift and souvenir displays
  1. Fender Gift Merchandiser– Fender is famous for its line of electric guitars, but if also offers an extensive line of gift and novelty items to help promote its brand. We designed the 4-sided floor display shown below to sell mugs, caps, pegged products, t-shirts (cubbies on side not shown), and other gift items. All of the display accessories are designed to be adjustable which makes it easy to accommodate new products as the gift line evolves.
Fender gift and souvenir displays
  1. Melin Hanging Headwear Display- Built using the finest materials from across the globe, Melin hats define luxury headwear. We created this premium headwear glorifier to hang on slatwall. We designed it to feature 2 hats, the product box, and core product messaging.
Melin gift and souvenir displays
  1. Andes Gifts Floor Merchandiser– Andes headwear, gloves, and scarves are handcrafted by Aymara and Quechua artisans in Peru and Bolivia. We designed this semi-rustic, 4-sided floor display to accommodate the company’s line of hanging products. We added a 2-sided PVC header sign to promote the brand and tell the story of indigenous empowerment and sustainable economic opportunity.
Andes gift and souvenir displays
  1. Polaroid Floor Display– Our final example is a Polaroid instant camera display that we designed to appeal to the “I want it now” instant photography impulse shopper. It’s a simple MDF display with slotted panels to create hook adjustability. We incorporated brightly colored graphics that captured attention and communicated the value of the instant photography experience.

That concludes our 2-part series on gift and souvenir displays. We hope you have been inspired to think about creative ways you can capture shopper attention and drive impulse sales through more effective merchandising.

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