Retail Gift and Souvenir Displays that Drive Impulse Sales- Part I

Gifts and souvenirs are big business and getting bigger. The global gifts, novelty, and souvenirs market is expected to grow 5% annually to $16.3 billion by 2023. Few of us can resist buying a memento or keepsake to remind us of a special memory, place, or event. As time marches on, souvenirs are often the things that take us back to that happy place, the things that help us to document our life’s journey. Welcome to Part I of our 2-part series on retail gift and souvenir displays that drive impulse sales.

It is important to recognize that gifts, novelties, and souvenirs are rarely destination items. Rather, they are almost always impulse purchases. This shopping truth has some important implications when it comes to POP displays. First, the display has to be an attention grabber. To drive impulse sales, your product needs to get noticed since shoppers do not embark on a shopping spree with the intent of buying your product. Second, your product needs to be merchandised simply and clearly so it is visible, enticing, and irresistible to shoppers. Third, the location of your display is critical to driving impulse sales. If your display is placed in a high- traffic zone or near the checkout area, you will dramatically improve your chances of success. Finally, sales velocity as measured by unit sales should be your primary objective since impulse items tend to be lower priced items so you have to sell in volume to make a difference.

With these principles in mind, let’s take a quick look at 10 examples of gift and souvenir displays that are designed to drive impulse sales.

  1. Hanky Panky– What would Valentine’s Day be without a Hanky Panky thong wrapped around a rose? We created this clear acrylic display for maximum product visibility so shopper attention would be focused on the rose thong.
Hanky Panky Gift and Souvenir Display
  1. Brighton Countertop Spinner– Ideal for impulse jewelry, we designed this countertop spinner for maximum flexibility in merchandising earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Each of the 2-sided panels spins independently. The hook bars and fabric panels can easily be changed to accommodate new products or create a whole new look.
Brighton Countertop Gift and Souvenir Display
  1. Puravida Ring Tree Display– We designed this ring tree display with shopper engagement in mind. The display invites shoppers to try on different rings which are easily accessible. The top of the box is removable for additional ring storage inside.
Puravida Ring Gift and Souvenir Display
  1. Spinning T-Shirt Cubby Display– T-shirts are among the most popular souvenir items. Our stock 4-sided, spinning t-shirt cubby display includes 20 cubbies for folded t-shirts and clear acrylic sleeves to show the corresponding t-shirt graphics.
Spinning T-Shirt cubby Gift and Souvenir Display
  1. Cape Cod Chokers– A visit to Cape Cod wouldn’t be the same without picking up a Cape Cod Choker. This collection of spinning countertop displays is designed to accommodate a variety of product counts and product mixes. The slotted panels with single peg hooks work well with carded jewelry products.
Cape Cod Chokers Gift and Souvenir Displays
  1. Be Inspired Floor Spinner– The 4-sided Be Inspired floor display features a small footprint and includes adjustable injection molded shelves, wire pockets, and hooks to accommodate a wide range of gift products.
Be inspired Gift and Souvenir Display
  1. Techstyles Sticker Display– Techstyles was looking for a rustic wood spinning floor display for its line of stickers, a popular souvenir item. The display includes 28 clear acrylic pockets to showcase a wide range of stickers.
Techstyles Gift and Souvenir Display
  1. Techstyles Sticker and Magnet Display– We used the same display shown above to create a combination sticker and magnet display. We added sheet metal cladding on all four sides and included the acrylic pockets to increase the product density and create cross-merchandising impulse sales for stickers and magnets.
Techstyles Gift and Souvenir Display
  1. Lela Belle– We designed this counter jewelry display to capture the quality, elegance and charm of Lela Belle’s handcrafted line of lamp work bead bracelets. The decorative MDF case features locking acrylic doors, 8 pull-out drawers, silk screened branding, and printed graphics.
Lela Belle Gift and Souvenir Display
  1. Cuff Wear Display– This 360-degree spinning cuff wear counter display features 100% acrylic construction with screen printed graphics on the base, center column, and header. We designed it to hold 20 open cuff link boxes and to be simple and affordable.
Cuff Wear Gift and Souvenir Display

Thanks for checking out today’s post on gift and souvenir displays. Be sure to looks for Part II of this series in which we will share 11 more examples of displays that help to drive impulse sales.

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