Retail Floor Displays: Creating an Effective Merchandiser for a Commodity Product

In our business, we are asked to design retail floor displays for all kinds of products. Sometimes it’s easier to create displays for products that are unique or have their own set of differentiating features and benefits. Sometimes, however, we get projects involving products that are a bit more along the lines of commodity products. Let’s take a look at a project we recently took on to design a POP display for artificial grass.

Our customer Going Green Distributors is the fastest growing artificial turf distributor in the Southwest. Many people think about artificial turf being used for football fields, but here in California it is becoming increasingly popular given the lengthy drought conditions we have experienced.

Our assignment was to create an attractive, cost effective, and durable floor shelf display to merchandise 12 types of artificial turf. We created the commodity merchandiser design shown below.

Going Green Artificiul Turf Grass Retail POP Display

This floor display used ¾” white painted MDF with 3 carbonized bamboo shelves. The shelves featured dividers which clearly separated the different styles of artificial turf. We added angled acrylic shelf signs with graphics that communicated the name of each turf style along with some key descriptive bullet points. The sides of the unit included large silk screened branding graphics which complemented the removable digitally printed PVC header sign. This display was designed to be knock-down. Although it was simple, the green grass really popped against the white painted MDF. We are convinced that the display will not only look great in it retail environment but that it will sell a lot of artificial turf.

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