Retail Display Case Ideas for Better Merchandising

Retail display cases are an important genre within the retail display industry. They offer a practical and effective way to secure valuable products, reduce theft, increase perceived product value, glorify products, and capture shopper attention. Because retail display case sales typically require the assistance of store associates, they tend to score lower on independent shopper engagement metrics. Nevertheless, they play an important role in the world of physical retail. In today’s, post we’ll take a look at a wide range of retail display cases that are designed to maximize merchandising effectiveness and drive product sales.

Flex Watches Freestanding Display Case– Over the years RICH LTD.’s POP displays have been featured on multiple Shark Tank Episodes. You may recall a similar reality business TV show on CNBC called “The Profit” which featured Camping World CEO and serial entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis who provided capital and expertise to struggling small businesses. Season 4 featured a for-profit social enterprise company called Flex Watches whose line of 10 colorful watches was affiliated with 10 charities. Their marketing message was “10 Colors. 10 Charities, 10 % Donation.” Buy a watch, and the company would donate 10% of the purchase to the charity associated with the watch color.

We made the locking watch display case shown below which was featured on the show in all its colorful glory. We constructed the main unit of MDF and created a locking acrylic case for the watches. The colors made the display pop, and the clever play-on-words messaging “Time to Make a Difference” helped reinforce the prominent FLEX branding.

Dragon Alliance Floor Podium Glorifier– In much the same way that museums have used enacased podiums to showcase ancient cultural artifacts, we made this podium display case to glorify Dragon Alliance’s performance eyewear. Being able to look but not touch runs counter to conventional merchandising wisdom of using physical contact with the product to encourage consumer engagement and maximize purchase conversion. Sometimes, however, we want what we can’t have, and a simple acrylic case can increase the perceived value of the product. We constructed the podium out of MDF with a white melamine finish and added white oak wood trim, 3D laser-cut acrylic logos, and the clear acrylic topper.

Hotel Del Coronado Pull-Out Jewelry Case– Display cases are ubiquitous in the jewelry industry. High-value items like jewelry are almost always merchandised in display cases under lock and key. Freestanding pull-out jewelry cases are typically less common but are highly practical and convenient for merchants. The display case we made below features metal legs, solid oak construction, a pull-out drawer, and a tempered glass case. It is ideal for jewelry or other luxury items.

  • Vessel Vape Pen Counter Display Case– Like many small items, vape pens are prone to theft so using a display case to show off the product while keeping product inventory locked up can be a good strategy for many retail settings. We created the Vessel vape pen display to highlight the company’s product line and to create an upscale image for the brand. We used a wood structure with a walnut stain. We added a PVC back panel graphic, an acrylic topper with direct-printed graphics, and a white melamine MDF inside panel with clear acrylic product cradles.

C-Store Master Product Display Case– The below product display case we made for C-Store Master is a more traditional type of product display case. Built using MDF with a wood melamine exterior finish, this high-capacity display case features white melamine inside panels, glass shelves, locking glass sliding doors, and interior LED lighting.

9 Five Eyewear Display Case– The eyewear industry is well acquainted with display cases, particularly given the high theft rates that are common within this product category. The example we share below is intended to show that display cases do not have to be boring. We designed this display case to be something you might find in a video arcade as a way of appealing to the company’s younger target demographic. The display features a locking case with 8 glass shelves, a branded header lightbox, a back-lit rear panel, gaming buttons, a joy stick, and real coin slots.

Gatorz Sunglass Floor Display Case– The Gatorz sunglass display case below is more reminiscent of a traditional eyewear display case. We built the main structure out of MDF with a black melamine finish. We created a locking storage compartment with interior shelves, added clear acrylic locking upper case with 4 display shelves and interior LED lighting, a dimensional logo, metal corner accents, and side mirrors.

Ridge Wallet Counter Display Case– Ridge Wallet offers a unique line of sleek, space-grade titanium wallets with RFID blocking technology. To showcase the product while also reducing theft, we created a counter display that served both as a product glorifier and a stocking merchandiser. We displayed 2 encased wallets on the slanted front panel and then added a locking clear acrylic box to hold product inventory. We added a removable digitally printed PVC header sign to tell the product story.

Livive Counter Display Case– Livive makes a premium broad spectrum, THC-free CBD product. We created the LED-lit product display case glorifier shown below. We constructed the display using MDF, metal, and acrylic. We added green LED lighting and rear panel access.

Bo Vaping Counter Display Case– Bo Vaping offers a highly advanced, patented vaping system. We made the small-footprint counter display case shown below to securely showcase its product line. Constructed of clear and white acrylic with colorful side graphics and base/header graphics, this display included a locking rear access door and inside shelves for product inventory.

Bodyography Makeup Brush Counter Display Case– Our final example today is a curved acrylic display case that we made to show off Bodyography’s line of 16 makeup brushes. The contoured acrylic base included holes for each makeup brush and featured simple Bodyography branding. We added a clear acrylic topper with a hinged rear access door.

Retail display cases come in many styles and have many applications in the retail industry. By combining creativity, functionality, proper branding, and theft-prevention, these types of displays represent excellent investments for high-value brands wishing to maximize sales and create higher perceived value for their products.

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