POP Displays for the Countertop- 12 Examples of Effective Merchandising

Securing countertop space for POP displays is a bit like scoring beachfront property. Because of its relative scarcity, it is often tough to get, but once you get it, the sunsets, or in this case return on investment, can be amazing. This is particularly true of countertop space that is near the checkout area since it is the highest point of traffic capture. But traffic alone won’t sell your product. Once you have the right countertop location, it’s all about merchandising effectiveness. A great display not only garners shopper attention but makes a statement about your brand or product and ultimately converts shoppers to buyers.

In today’s blog, we’ll look at 12 examples of countertop POP displays. We will feature a wide range of materials, styles, and finishes aimed at exploring just a few of the possibilities that exist in the world of countertop displays.

1. Ocean Hippie Organics– We created this very simple 2-tiered bamboo countertop display to showcase Ocean Hippie Organics’ skincare product. We used carbonized bamboo plywood as the main material since its sustainability characteristics match well with organic products and its raw edges create visual interest. We added a removable PVC header sign. This flat-packed unit was very cost-effective to ship.

Ocean Hippies POP Displays

 2. Sun Bum Lip Balm Display– Our second example is an acrylic display we designed to hold Sun Bum’s 36-count lip balm boxes. While there is nothing fancy here, the idea was to create a display that could create greater perceived value through a more upscale presentation with a better messaging than would otherwise be possible with a cheap chipboard box. The removable branded acrylic back panel attached to the acrylic base tray with magnets. Like the example above, this display shipped very cost-effectively in a flat box.

Sunbum POP Displays

3. Hennessey X.O Cognac Bottle Glorifier- Our third example is countertop glorifier designed to feature a single bottle of Hennessey’s X.O Cognac. We made the base of this display out of vacuumed formed plastic which we gold plated to create a high-end finish. The front of the base incorporated a backlit logo and a motion detector that activated the battery-powered logo lights and the base lights that illuminated the bottle. The removable back panel was constructed of gold-plated etched acrylic which attached to the base with magnets.

Hennessy POP Displays

4. Roshambo Baby Wood Case Display- Roshambo Baby was looking for a cost-effective, small footprint countertop display to merchandise its line of kids’ sunglasses. We made the easel-back wood case out of pre-finished China birch with direct printed graphics on both sides of the hinged door panel and inside back panel. The display was designed to hold 10 boxes of sunglasses while offering ample space for brand messaging.

Roshambo POP Displays

5. Pasta Mama’s 2-Shelf Counter Display- The wood counter display shown below was deigned to complement the company’s higher capacity floor displays. We used unfinished solid pine to create a natural and cost-effective counter display that helped to reinforce Pasta Mama’s brand image. We added side and shelf branding and included adjustable hooks for hanging product.

PastaMAMA counter POP Displays

6. Cultivate Premium Corporate Gifts Two-Tiered Riser- Cultivate uses product risers to merchandise a wide variety of products at various shows around the world. The reason we wanted to include this example was simply to highlight the finish. We used a high gloss PU (polyurethane) coated finish which gave the risers a high-end look. PU coated finishes require 9 coats so they are fairly labor-intensive, but if your goal is to create a premium look, it can be a good option.

Sunglass display POP Displays

7. Cultivate Premium Corporate Gifts Nesting Risers- Just like the 2-tier riser shown above, these nesting risers shown below have the same PU coated finish. The set of 3 risers nest for cost-effective shipping and storage.

9 POP Displays

8. Bodyography Brush Display- We designed the acrylic countertop display for Bodyography’s line of makeup brushes. The curved white acrylic base incorporated screen-printed graphics, small holes for individual brushes, and larger holes for stock product. The brushes were protected by a clear acrylic top cover.

Bodyography POP Displays

9. Pura Vida Spinning Ring Display- We designed the high-capacity spinning 4-sided display shown below to hold Pura Vida ring cards. This wood display includes 72 hooks and incorporates a white/grey washed distressed finish with silk screened branding and a metal base lip.

PuraVida 72 peg POP Displays

10. Pura Vida Ring Tree Box Display- Another example of a jewelry display we designed for Pura Vida is the ring tree display shown below. The display was designed to hold loose rings on the branches while also providing bulk storage inside the box.

PV2 POP Displays

11. Sig Sauer Rifle Scope Display- The rifle scope display shown below is another example of a glorifier display. We made this one out of sheet metal. We incorporated a branded EVA foam pad, protective rubber sleeves on the product cradle, screen-printed graphics, and a channel for interchangeable product information cards.

SIG POP Displays

12. SCCY Pistol Display- Our final example is a pistol display that we made out of PVC and EVA foam. PVC is less durable than the sheet metal shown in the above display, but it is cost-effective and lighter weight. We added contoured EVA foam to hold the pistols at the correct angle and screen-printed graphics on the front and sides of the tray.

sccyFront POP Displays
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