POP Display Sign Holders and Accessories- 20 Inspirational Ideas Part I

This is the first of a 2-part series in which we will share inspirational ideas for POP display sign holders and accessories. Most of the glory goes to POP displays as complete units, but sign holders and accessories are a huge part of branding and often the thing that makes the difference in creating a successful point of purchase display. In this blog, we’ll look at the first 10 ideas for standalone branding accessories and as well as sign holders and accessories that are used in conjunction with POP displays.

1)    Anon Tabletop Logo Block- We designed this tabletop logo block for Anon to serve as a standalone branding element. It was designed out of MDF with a 3D blue PU coated logo and a white PU coated base platform with a screen-printed logo.

POP Display Sign Holders and Accessories- 20 Inspirational Ideas Part I

2. Griffin Technology- We created the versatile sign below which was used as a header for freestanding displays as well as a hanging slatwall sign in Verizon stores. The sign was constructed of MDF with a glossy white painted finish, a clear acrylic panel with aluminum standoffs, and laser-cut 3D acrylic letters painted on the back.


3. Rowdy Gentleman Logo Block- We made these high touch logo blocks to promote the Rowdy Gentleman brand. The 2-sided logo block was made out of dark stained MDF with an acrylic face plate and screen printed graphics.


4. Travis Matthews Table Topper-  We designed this 2-sided brand-building table topper for Travis Matthews. The glossy black acrylic base included a graphic on both sides. The main PVC back panel was printed on 2 sides and included a secondary graphic panel which featured product shots and additional product information.

TRM POP Display

5. Criquet Table Topper- We designed another table topper for Criquet. To communicate a rich brand image, we used solid wood with a dark stain for the base and frame and then inserted a 2-sided lifestyle graphic.


6. Slatwall Glorifier- One of our customers was in the business of customizing hard hats so they asked us to create a large sign frame with an interchangeable graphic. The frame hung on slatwall  and featured a cut-out for a mannequin head with hard hat which utilized a custom metal hanging slatwall bracket.

ACFM POP Display

7. Red Logo Block- Our customer asked us to design a 3D tabletop logo block which we created using a white PU coated MDF base and 3D MDF letters which has a glossy black PU coated finish.


8. Baffin Multi-Purpose Sign- Baffin wanted a sign that could stand on a table or counter and also be hung on slatwall. We used MDF for the main structure and added a slatwall bracket on the back along with a fold-out metal stand and digitally printed front graphic.

BAF POP Display

9. Cruel Denim Header Sign- We designed this POP display header sign for Cruel Denim. It included powder coated metal tube uprights with horizontal connecting wire and a decorative wire design element. From the main metal structure we hung a piece of solid wood with a stained washed finish, a screen printed logo, and a 2-sided digitally printed PVC lower sign.

MIL POP Display

10. Eufora Sign- Our Eufora sign below is similar to the Griffin Technology sign. It can hang on stalwall or work as a 2-sided header on a freestanding display.  The sign was constructed using MDF with a silver painted finish, a clear acrylic plate with standoffs, and a 1-color screen printed logo.    

MIL POP Display
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