POP Display Conversion and Store Design

When it comes to POP display marketing, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil,” is the big take-away.

squeaky wheel gets the oil POP display

Consider this: 2,473 shoppers were surveyed in a study of supermarkets by Citeman Network. Thirty-eight percent of the shoppers responded that, when they entered a supermarket, they always purchased an item they had never bought before. Why? Because the item was prominently displayed.  This speaks volumes about the importance of Point of Purchase marketing.

Combine this with the fact that, according to stasticbrain.com, the average American’s attention span has dropped from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to just 8.5 seconds in 2015 and, again, you can see that POP marketing has become not just a great marketing tool, but a real necessity. POP displays—in the form of last minute attention-getters and impulse strategies, are now the key to addressing ever-shortening attention spans. Taking convenience and combining it with an impulsive marketing strategy, creates a win-win for everyone, particularly when a certain brand or discount item is highlighted.

Discount Item POP display

But what are the most effective POP displays that result in the highest display conversion rates? And, what store designs work best?
Here are some of the most current and best practices:
•    Create displays, using contrasting colors, that stand out against the surrounding area.
•    Use a stand-alone display, such as bins filled with a product or discount item.

•    Develop eye-catching words, like, “Gluten-free!”
•    Use not just an eye-catching design, but a bold one.
•    Consider using a custom shape.
•    Use large fonts.
•    Highlight a product’s benefits rather than just its features.
•    Try using an interactive display, where the customer can try the product.
•    Place your product at a point of need.
•    Combine a product with a cause. “For every pair of shoes purchased, a pair of shoes is donated to a homeless child.”
•    Know that bundle packages no longer belong to just cable companies, but are now being used in the shopping experience as well. “Purchase two packages of cookies and get one free gallon of milk.”
•    Use last minute checkout stand displays. These are still effective.
•    Create end cap designs, highlighting a certain product or discount item. Again remember: convenient and impulsive.
•    Create a give-away campaign. “Buy one, get one free!”

Buy one get one free POP display

Point of Purchase marketing was created to intensify the shopping experience in order to reach the ultimate goal of seeing another satisfied customer walk away with your products in hand. Despite the rise of online shopping, brick and mortar stores will always have their place and, because of this, Point of Purchase marketing will, as well.

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