Point-of-Purchase Signs and Graphics that Drive Brand Awareness and Increase Sales- Part I

Point-of-purchase signs and graphics are critical components of effective point-of-sale merchandising and sales generation. Without them it is extraordinarily difficult to create the level of brand awareness necessary to compete in the busy world of brick-and-mortar retailing, particularly if you are an emerging brand or find yourself trying to survive in an intensely competitive product category. The focus of today’s post is to share more than 15 examples of different types and treatments of POP signs and graphics so as to create a universe of possibilities to consider when you embark on your next retail display project. It’s worth noting that our examples do not represent an exhaustive set of possibilities. We’ve tried to focus on relatively common and highly manufacturable treatments. We deliberately excluded a number of perfectly good approaches like foil stamped signs with embossing in favor of more mainstream treatments. In Part II of this blog series we will cover 9 more sign categories and 13 more example so we hope you will explore that post as well.

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So, let’s dig into our examples which we present in no particular order.

1. Tilly’s Slatwall Signs– We created the cool assortment of slatwall signs for Tilly’s footwear wall that featured a number of the most popular action sports/lifestyle footwear and apparel brands. All of the large signs shown at the top were made of various types of wood backers. The REEF sign was constructed of grooved solid pine while the Roxy sign was made by direct printing the weathered white wash finish on our flatbed printer. In addition to rear metal slatwall brackets, the branded components of each of the signs were constructed of mounted acrylic. The rectangular Rainbow and REEF signs were screen printed while the Quiksilver, Volcom, and Roxy signs were laser-cut parts that we glued to the wood backers.

The smaller lifestyle signs shown on the row below were created using a sheet metal frame to which we added screen-printed branding before adding the lifestyle graphic inserts.

tillys point-of-purchase signs

The picture below shows the signs on a fully merchandised wall.

Tillys loaded point-of-purchase signs

2. 5Fin Slatwall Sign– We created the 5fin slatwall sign shown below using a walnut-stained solid wood frame, a burlap fabric backdrop, and a mounted laser-cut acrylic logo.

5fin point-of-purchase signs

3. Bangs and Fat Brain Toys Wood Slatwall Headers– We made the next 2 examples shown below out of pre-finished China birch with rear-mounted metal slatwall brackets. We screen printed the Bangs sign and direct printed the Fat Brain Toys sign on our flatbed printer.

BANGS SLAT point-of-purchase signs
Fat Brain Slat point-of-purchase signs

4. Griffin Technology Layered Sign– We made the Griffin Technology sign below to go into Verizon stores. This multi-layered sign had a brushed aluminum backdrop, a white painted MDF panel, a clear acrylic panel mounted with aluminum stand-offs, and a 3D laser-cut logo with second-surface (back side) printing.

Griffin point-of-purchase signs

5. Kerusso Metal Tacker Sign– The Kerusso sign below is an example of a metal tacker sign that we use on a number of the displays we make for this Christian apparel brand. The sign is made of lightweight metal and features an embossed logo with side holes for easy mounting.

Kerusso point-of-purchase signs

6. Laser-Engraved Wood Signs– We made the Kerusso sign shown below by laser-engraving the Kerusso logo into a piece of stained solid pine.

Kerusso point-of-purchase signs

Another example of laser engraved wood signs is the Element sign shown below which was made by laser engraving the Element logo on OSB board.

Etched on OSB Board point-of-purchase signs

As shown below, a slightly different treatment using laser engraving is to first laser engrave the logo like we did on natural bamboo plywood and then paint fill the logo.

Etched and paint filled on birch point-of-purchase signs

A second example of a paint-filled laser engraved logo is the VIX Swimwear header we made. In this case we used gold paint to fill the logo in an effort to achieve a unique high-end look.

VIX point-of-purchase signs

One last example of laser engraving on wood is the full Element logo shown below which we executed on natural bamboo plywood.

Etched Bamboo point-of-purchase signs

7. Screen Printed Wood Sign– Screen printed wood signs are fairly common, easy to manufacture, and relatively cost-effective. The example below is a one-color screen-printed BuddyFruits logo which we applied to solid pine. A word of caution here: for high quality results, it is important that the surface of the wood be sanded smooth so as to avoid pitting and inconsistencies.

Buddy Fruits point-of-purchase signs

8. Screen-Printed Acrylic– Similar to the BuddyFruits example above, it’s easy to screen print (i.e., silk screen) directly on to the front side of acrylic. The Billabong example below is an example of a 2-color screen print on clear acrylic. The aluminum standoffs and wood back panel are similar to the Griffin Technology sign we showed earlier.

Grooved with acrylic over point-of-purchase signs

9. Second-Surface Acrylic Screen Printing– A slightly different acrylic screen-printing technique is to print “second surface” which means that the back side of clear acrylic is printed instead of the front side. This technique produces more depth to the logo as shown below in the Hari Mari logo block we made.

HARI MARI point-of-purchase signs

10. Dimensional Letter Signs– We have already shown an example of 3D or dimensional letters used on signs, but we’ll highlight another couple of examples below. The first is the slatwall sign below we did for Red. We made the sign using a red acrylic back panel to which we applied white laser-cut logo letters.

RED-HEADER point-of-purchase signs

Dimensional letters can also be made of MDF like the “Express” part of the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf logo we made below. Instead of using MDF, sometimes we will also sintra or PVC to create dimensional lettering.

COFFEE-BEAN-EXPRESS-LARGE-TOP point-of-purchase signs

Be sure to check out Part II of this series where we will share examples from 9 more categories of signs and graphics.

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