Point-of-Purchase Displays for the Home Improvement Market

In today’s blog we’ll look at two point-of-purchase displays for the home improvement market. The home improvement market is closely tied to the residential real estate and home building markets, both of which got clobbered as a result of the economic downturn. However, the home improvement market has made a nice recovery in the past couple of years so it’s a good time to look at POP displays for this market.
The first display we’ll review is a 5-ft. island display we designed for Vigo Industries. Vigo is a leading luxury kitchen and bath products manufacturer offering a wide range of sinks, faucets, shower panels, frameless showers, vanity sets, and bathroom accessories. Vigo asked RICH LTD. to design a 2-sided island display to showcase their kitchen products on one side and their bath products on the other side. Since the products are heavy, we designed a heavy-duty metal base on castors and added a natural wood laminate top. We used a knock-down metal tube frame to hold matching 2-sided slatwall. The slatwall provided the flexibility Vigo needed to be able to display a wide range of products along with the ability to easily change the product configuration. In addition to the multi-product attachment capabilities, we designed built-in casings for the kitchen sinks. We also designed metal stands for kitchen faucets that could be attached to the slatwall in any location. To help reinforce the Vigo brand, we designed a die-cut digitally printed PVC header sign that could easily be changed out for seasonal or promotional programs.


The back side of the island display featured Vigo’s bath products. As with the first side of the display, we built into the design multi-product attachment capabilities. We created a built-in area for shower panel attachments with digitally printed signs. In addition, we utilized metal and wood slatwall bracket attachments to display a variety of vessel sinks and waterfall faucets. The back side of the header sign also reinforced the Vigo brand and highlighted the company’s bath products.


The second retail store display we would like to highlight in the home improvement category was one we designed for Motif Stone Creations. You may have noticed that stone medallions are typically buried inline in home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowes. This almost guarantees poor sell-through since it makes it very difficult for shoppers to get a quick visual read on the medallions. We designed a freestanding floor display constructed of solid wood with a rich dark stain. We added a vertical center pole that could accommodate two spinning round medallions that featured different designs on each side. By incorporating a spinning feature into the display, we were not only able to create a way to display more product in the same footprint, but we were able to create a way for the shopper to interact with the display and the product. Since every stone medallion has its own story, we also designed a 2-sided vertical information graphic that provided the shopper with more product information. Finally, we added a 2-sided digitally printed header sign to reinforce the Motif brand.


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