Point of Purchase Displays: 30 Examples of Merchandising Glorifiers- Part III

This is the third and final post of our blog series on product glorifiers. In our previous two blogs, we discussed the role of glorifiers as one of several types of point of purchase displays. If you missed Part I of our series, you can view it here or Part II here. Part I and Part II each included 10 examples of merchandising glorifiers so be sure to check them out. In today’s blog, we’ll share our final 10 examples of product glorifiers. We hope that collectively these 30 examples will get your creative juices flowing and give you some ideas for your next POP display project. Let’s get right to our final 10 examples.

1.    Tifosi Countertop Sunglass Glorifier- This sunglass glorifier is constructed of a glossy black acrylic base with a 1-color silk screened logo and a clear acrylic post with sunglass holders for 3 pairs of sunglasses. It can be used on a shelf in a locking sunglass case or on a countertop.

Tifosi Point of purchase displays

2.    Footprints Shoe Shelf Glorifier- We designed this custom shoe shelf glorifier for Footprints. Designed to hang on slatwall, this shoe shelf was constructed of sheet metal with laser-cut slots and logo. The exterior sheet metal component was attached to a dark-stained solid wood substructure to create an interesting and upscale look.

Footprints Point of purchase displays

3.    Vibram Shoe Glorifier- We created this floor display shoe glorifier for Vibram. The glorifier featured a sheet metal base with stained solid wood inserts and a flat sheet metal post with an angled shelf. We included shelf graphics, a die-cut header sign and a mounted demo shoe positioned to show off the tread.

Vibram Point of purchase displays

4.    Vew-Do Balance Board Glorifier- We created this floor glorifier for Vew-Do’s line of balance boards. This glorifier was designed to hold 4 boards and featured solid wood construction with a PVC graphic header and a screen-printed base graphic.

Vew-Do balance board Point of purchase displays

5.    Zodiac Jandy Pump Countertop Glorifier- This simple glorifier was constructed of a sheet metal base with an angled front lip that included graphics and a removable die-cut PVC back panel graphic which provided the key selling points of the pump.  We mounted the pump to the sheet metal base.

Zodiac jandy Point of purchase displays

6.    Zodiac MX 8 Robotic Pool Sweeper Glorifier- We built this floor display glorifier out of MDF which we cut on our CNC machine. We powder coated the MDF parts to create a durable finish and added a clear acrylic plate, aluminum stand-offs, a removable die-cut PVC header sign and a mounted MX 8 robotic pool sweeper.

Battle ready Point of purchase displays

7.    Zuvo Water Countertop Glorifier- We built this Zuvo Water Filtration System glorifier using black sintra with a brushed aluminum front panel and a black acrylic brochure holder with a vinyl product graphic. We mounted all of the components of the filtration system on the base deck.

Zuvo Point of purchase displays

8.    Nike Sphere Macro React Slatwall Glorifier- We designed this slatwall product glorifier to promote the key breathability features of Nike’s Sphere Macro React apparel technology. The primary material used to make this glorifier was sheet metal with a shiny silver powder coated finish. It also included vinyl graphics, screen-printed graphics, green acrylic accents, and a rear slatwall bracket. It was designed to be hung next to various Nike apparel products that incorporated the apparel technology.

Nike Point of purchase displays

9.    Bangs Shoes Glorifier- We designed this 2-sided floor glorifier for Bangs Shoes to showcase its different styles and colors of shoes. Constructed of prefinished birch, this display included 8 glorifier shoe shelves and featured base and header screen-printed graphics.

Bangs Point of purchase displays

10.    Melin Hanging Headwear Glorifier- This hanging slatwall merchandising glorifier holds two styles of Melin hats and a Melin hat case. It is constructed of MDF with an upscale wood laminate finish and includes laser-cut acrylic side logos, removable back panel graphics, black acrylic edge banding, and an MDF shelf.

Melin Point of purchase displays

Bonus Glorifier: Earth Rated Product Podium Glorifiers- We made this set of wood podium glorifiers for Earth Rated’s family of pet products. We constructed these simple risers out of pine plywood. The risers featured mitered corners and were finished with a dark stain. We recessed the top platform in order to incorporate artificial turf which we applied to the tops of all of the glorifiers.

Earth Point of purchase displays

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