Point of Purchase Displays: 30 Examples of Merchandising Glorifiers- Part II

This is the second post in a blog series we are doing on point of purchase displays that are designed as product glorifiers. As we mentioned in our last blog, product glorifiers can be a very effective way of showcasing one or more products and at the same time promoting your brand. If you missed our last post, you can see the first 10 examples of product glorifiers we shared by clicking here.  In this blog, we’ll share the next 10 visual merchandising examples.

1.    Cruel Girl Apparel Glorifier- We designed this floor display glorifier for Cruel Girl to showcase 6 styles of jeans. We started with a simple sign holder floor display like you’ve seen before and then added 3 hooks on each side to hang different styles of jeans. We constructed this using a powder coated metal tube frame and included a removable 2-sided digitally printed PVC hero graphic.

RMC point of purchase displays

2.    180s Countertop Glove Glorifier- 180s asked us to design a counter glove glorifier to display its unique convertible training glove. We started with a PVC back panel graphic that explained the key features of the glove and showed background life style graphics. We attached a powder coated perforated sheet metal accent panel to which we attached a mannequin hand fitted with the glove. We designed a fold-up stand in the back and added a slatwall bracket so the display could either stand on a table or hang on slatwall.

180 GLOVE point of purchase displays

3.    Klutz Header Glorifier- We designed this combination header/glorifier for Klutz, a division of Scholastic. The glorifier was designed to attach to a metal floor display or stand alone on a tabletop. This was a simple wire display with back-to-back book pockets and a 2-sided PVC header graphic.

KLZ BOOK0 point of purchase displays

4.    Burton Shoe Shelf Glorifier- We have designed lots of shoe shelf glorifiers, but this one we did for Burton is one of our coolest. It fits Burton’s outdoor lifestyle brand and features strong branding. We created a green powder coated shoe shelf and overlaid a laser-cut galvanized metal accent with laser-cut white acrylic letters on the shelf lip.

SDE SHELF point of purchase displays

5.    Motif Stone Creations Floor Glorifier- This is a good example of a floor glorifier. We created a stained wood floor display with a rotating center pole to showcase two of Motif Stone Creations’ natural stone medallions. The rotating pole provided a 360-degree view of the stone medallions which featured different mosaic patterns on each side. We built in a large 2-sided vertical graphic panel to provide product information and then added a large 2-sided header to promote the brand.

MOTIF DISPLAY point of purchase displays

6.    AT&T LoudSpeak’r Counter Glorifier- We designed this all-acrylic counter glorifier to feature the Bluetooth-enabled LoudSpeak’r product in AT&T stores. The main structure was made from a single piece of white acrylic to which we added a clear acrylic platform to mount the product and a second surface back-panel for digitally printed graphics.

AT&T point of purchase displays

7.    Tifosi Counter Glorifier- Tifosi asked us to design a simple counter glorifier to promote its sunglasses which feature a rimless design with interchangeable technology. We went with heat-bent black acrylic for the stand with a 1-color screen printed logo and a clear acrylic sleeve to hold a removable graphic.

TIFO point of purchase displays

8.    Propet 3-Tier Counter Glorifier- We created this 3-tier vacuum formed footwear glorifier to feature 3 styles of Propet footwear. We included a screen-printed logo on the front lip, a side wire brochure holder, and a removable digitally printed die-cut PVC header sign.

PROP point of purchase displays

9.    OfficeMax Welcome Glorifier- It’s a bit of a stretch to call this a glorifier, but we’ll call it a hybrid welcome/information glorifier. Constructed using a metal tube frame, this floor display features 2 large interchangeable graphics, 3 sheet metal shelves for flyers, and a side arm for shopping bags. It’s pretty basic but gets the job done.

WELCOME UNIT point of purchase displays

10.    Thule Digital Display Glorifier- We wanted to show one example of a digital glorifier since by our definition of a glorifier, the display holds no inventory and is designed to feature one or more products. Since the world is increasingly going digital, we think of a shelf-mounted digital media player like the Thule one below as a high-tech glorifier. We designed a sheet metal housing with a screen-printed logo to encase the digital media player and added a sheet metal mounting bracket.

THULE point of purchase displays
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