Point of Purchase Design Matters in Creating Effective Retail Displays

You’ve heard it said before that details matter. When it comes to point of purchase design, it’s really all about the details, particularly if you are trying to creative an effective retail display. There are so many important aspects of point-of-purchase design: structure, colors, materials, accents, graphics, economics, messaging, shipping, durability, and so much more. Paying attention to the details means the difference between creating an average display and a distinctive display that will grab shopper attention and sell product. Let’s take a look at recent hat display we created for Melin to illustrate the importance of details in the design process.

Let’s first introduce you to our customer. Meet Melin, a Southern California premium lifestyle brand that was established to create a new category of luxury headwear. Melin products symbolize dedication, innovation, and achievement. The company pays extraordinary attention to detail and utilizes high-end Italian leathers and other materials in its headwear products.

These hats are unbelievably nice. Many of their styles sell for upwards of $250. As an example, check out “The Pursuit” ($250) shown below.

Melin hi-end leather hat and caps

Melin has done a great job of creating an exclusive and luxury vibe by a getting celebrities and athletes to wear their hats. See NFL linebacker Zac Diles wearing “The Affair” below.

Melin headwear mens luxary brand

Given its premium product and celebrity status in the world of luxury headwear, you can see why we were excited to work with Melin on a glorifier display.  Melin came to us after they had secured an opportunity to get their hats into Lids stores. Our challenge in designing an effective POP display was fairly difficult. If you’ve ever been in a Lids store, you can probably guess why. Lids merchandising approach is generally to create a wall of hats, which is very space efficient, but it makes it more difficult to find ways to stand out, particularly if you are a high-end brand with a much higher price point than other hats in the store.

Lids point of purchase display

The display we were to create needed to hang on the wall with all the other hats and somehow make Melin hats stand out. This is where the design details came in. We needed to create a display that communicated the same attention to detail that Melin builds into its hats. We designed the hanging glorifier shown below.

Melin Point Of Purchase Design Hat Display

The hanging glorifier box helped the Melin hats stand out in the sea of other headwear products. We built the display out of MDF and used a textured dark wood laminate finish which helped to communicate the luxury message. We used bright white melamine on the inside to help make the hats pop against the background. The front trim was glossy black acrylic which also reinforced the luxury nature of the brand. We built in a removable shelf and a removable back graphic panel which offered messaging to communicate the Melin story. The inside of the glorifier neatly fit 2 hats and the leather box that comes with the hats.

Another example of important accent details is the laser-cut black acrylic dimensional logos that we added to each side of the glorifier as shown below.

Hi-end Melin headwear hat retail display

The glorifier was primarily designed to hang on slatwall, but it could also be used as a counter display. The photo below shows how Lids worked the display into their planogram in their stores.

MELIN luxary point of purchase display for LIDS stores

This project reinforced for us what we already knew: When it comes to point of purchase design, details matter.

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