Point of Purchase Design for HD Digital Audio System- One of Our All-Time Coolest POP Displays

Last week we completed production on an ultra cool POP display that was designed to showcase Bluesound’s HD digital audio system. Bluesound has developed a cutting-edge 24-bit pure digital platform that enables you to have the total HD audio experience in every room wirelessly.  When it comes to musical detail, texture, and volume, the Bluesound system is something you need to experience for yourself. And, the display we built did just that: it created a complete and authentic user-controlled listening experience. From a point of purchase design and execution standpoint, the Bluesound display was at the same time challenging and fun.

The picture below shows an overview of the display. The display is larger than it looks, measuring 48”W x 16”D x 34”H. The overall structure was constructed of MDF with a black melamine finish on the base and a glossy white melamine finish for the back panel. The design was very clean with clear and concise messaging. The base of the display was hollow to provide a hidden space for the integrated electronics which included a large digital media player, the speaker electronics, and LED lights. All of the electronics were controlled by a simple on-off switch in the rear of the display. Although not shown, we built a vented back panel which allowed access to the electronics that were mounted to the back panel.

BlueSound ISO Point of Purchase Design

The speakers were secured to the base desk, and the front part of the base was slanted to enhance usability. On the slanted front we included 3 LED-back lit play buttons as well as a back-lit volume control button and a mobile phone connecting cable to enable a shopper to play his or her own music through the audio system. All of the buttons and the cable were clearly and simply labeled for maximum usability. At the rear of the base we constructed a gap to allow the blue LED lights to glow onto the white back panel.

BlueSound Bottom Point of Purchase Design

The large high definition digital media player was an important part of creating a total immersion user experience. To the left of the screen was a “Take a Tour” button which provided an easy way for the shopper to start the video and learn about the Bluesound system. To the right of the screen, we mounted a clear acrylic brochure holder which provided additional product information to the shopper.

BlueSound Angled2 Point of Purchase Design

This display was designed to be simple and interactive. With the simple push of a button, the user could hear different music tracks , take a video tour, or adjust the speaker volume.

BlueSound OnHand Point of Purchase Design

The display included 3 shelves which we cleanly mounted to the back panel. The shelves held audio system components which were wired to the display’s electrical system and featured blue LED lights like other elements of the display. We added simple descriptive text to the front of each shelf to let the shopper know what component they were viewing.

BlueSound Shelve Closeup Point of Purchase Design

The picture below shows the vertical alignment of the 3 shelves with components included.

BlueSound Shelves Point of Purchase Design

The final picture shows another angle.

BlueSound Closeup Point of Purchase Design

Integrating the various electronic components of this display was probably the most challenging aspect of production. However, having video, audio, and lighting all tied together made for a really high-impact user experience.

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