Point of Purchase Counter Shelf Display Ideas- Part III

What natural material has higher tensile strength than many types of steel, higher compressive strength than many mixtures of concrete, and higher strength-to-weight ratio than graphite? Hint: It’s the fastest growing plant on earth and has been clocked to grow more than 4 ft. in a 24-hour period. If you answered “bamboo,” you are correct and may be familiar with bamboo’s incredible sustainability properties and well-deserved reputation as an eco-friendly material. Welcome to Part III of our 3-part series on point of purchase countertop display shelf ideas. Bamboo is the core material we selected for the first of 10 examples we’ll share today.

In Part I and Part II of this series, we discussed some of the retail applications and benefits of counter shelf displays, and we shared 20 practical and affordable examples. Let’s review our final 10 examples.

  1. Via Nature Modular Shelf Display– We designed this bamboo, modular, gravity-fed essential oils display to be configured as a single tier or 2-tier counter shelf display. The display includes a front row of holes on each tier for tester bottles, a metal channel for a slide-in shelf graphic, a slanted shelf surface with PVC dividers, a clear acrylic shelf front fence, and a PVC header sign.
  1. Santeer Acrylic Counter Shelf Display– Although it represents a sharp departure from the eco-friendly construction of the Via Nature bamboo display above, the acrylic Santeer CBD counter display is another example of a gravity-fed shelf display that is designed to capture the interest of both impulse and destination shoppers. Key design features include clear acrylic construction to create maximum product visibility, a header graphic for overarching brand messaging, front-facing product identifier/benefit summary graphics, and educational side graphics.
  1. Bodyography 4-Shelf Acrylic Shelf Display– We made the 4-shelf acrylic counter display to showcase a sampling of Bodyography’s line of cosmetics. We utilized a stepped shelf design with laser-cut holes to fit a wide range of products and included screen-printed side graphics.
  1. Bodyography Pressed Powder Counter Display– In contrast to the sampler display above, we designed a single product acrylic counter shelf display for Bodyography’s line of pressed powder products. It featured 2 levels of tester pans with a clear acrylic dust cover, recessed wells for boxed product, a screen-printed front graphic, and a clear acrylic header sleeve with a digitally printed slide-in graphic.
We share these 10 counter shelf display ideas to inspire better merchandising creativity, increased sales at retail, and more cost-effective brand building.
  1. Adoree Nail Polish Display– While admittedly unremarkable from a design standpoint, we chose to include this gravity-fed counter shelf display because of its high capacity and relative affordability. We designed this wire display to hold 450 bottles of nail polish. It included shelf channels with slide-in graphics and a die-cut PVC header graphic.
  1. 3-Tier On Go Energy Shot Display– Another example of a practical, budget-friendly counter shelf display is the super simple wire display we designed for On Go Energy shots. Intentionally minimalistic, this display holds 3 boxes of energy shots in a vertical alignment and leverages product box graphics to communicate the brand messaging without adding unnecessary display graphics expense.
  1. Rocky Mountain Sunscreen Shelf Display– In contrast to the simplicity of the above display, we designed this more visually interesting, multi-material display for Rocky Mountain Sunscreen. The goal was to create a spinning 3-sided counter shelf display with 6 adjustable wood shelves and removable acrylic tray inserts. We started with solid pine construction and added purple powder coated wire grids which enabled the shelf adjustability. We added an extended grid on 1 side for hooks and a direct printed acrylic header sign.
  1. Prairie City Cookie Counter Display– Another example of a multi-material counter shelf display, we designed this 2-shelf cookie display using a combination of a decorative wire frame, solid wood shelves, and a sheet metal awning.  We added sheet metal shelf badges and printed awning graphics.
  1. Zone Perfect PVC Counter Shelf Display– An example of a simple but more graphic-intensive counter shelf display is the Zone Perfect display we designed below to hold 2 boxes of products. The entire display was designed for PVC construction to accommodate direct-printed shelf, side, and header graphics.
  1. European Soaps Counter Shelf Display– Our final example is a tiered, 3-shelf counter display designed to merchandise European Soaps’ line of Pre De Provence soap products. The display featured MDF construction with a high-gloss painted finish and direct printed graphics on a die-cut header.

That concludes our 3-part series on countertop display shelf ideas. We hope you found some inspiration for your next POP display project.

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