Our Top 5 Blogs on Custom POP Displays

We have written hundreds of blogs over the last few years. Today we would like to share our top 5 blogs based on readership. So let’s get right to it.

  1. From Simple to Sophisticated- Check Out These 8 Retail Coffee and Tea Displays– In this blog we discuss the importance of using great POP displays to differentiate your product in the intensely competitive $100+ billion worldwide coffee and tea market. We share examples of simple, highly affordable wire counter for brands like Honest Tea, to coffee bars for Circle K and more sophisticated displays for brands such as Starbucks and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.
Resiprocate retail cofee shelf display

15 Awesome Retail Wood Floor Displays– As organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free products continue to gain ground in the grocery channel, so too are wood fixtures that reinforce the “all natural” messaging that consumers have come to associate with these explosive growth product categories. In support of these trends, we highlight 15 very cool wood displays that will hopefully provide inspiration for your next wood floor display.

Cliff Bar wethered grocery retail wood display with 6 shelves

Retail Display Generates 3400% Return on Investment– In this mini-case study we share the details of a display that generated a 500% increase in sales, paid for itself in just 9 days, and generated a whopping 3400% return on investment for our customer.

Tiemans Coffee Grocery Store Retail Wood Display

The Art of Creating an Effective Sunglass Display to Maximize Sunglass Sales Part I- The High End– More than most other types of products, the perceived value of sunglasses is highly correlated with the quality of the POP display on which they are merchandised. This popular blog was part of a 4-part series on sunglass displays, and it specifically focuses on high end displays.

oofos sunglass display case for retail

10 Great Ways to Customize a Stock POP Display– As lead times for POP display programs continue to shrink, it’s natural to consider a stock POP display that can be ready to ship almost immediately. However, given the importance of making your product stand out in a crowded retail environment, is a generic POP display the answer? In this blog we answer that question and provide 10 compelling examples of how you can take a generic stock display and customize it to build your brand and drive product sales.

Griffin Technology stock slatwall display with custom signs and acrylic header

In addition to these top 5 blogs, we also thought we would mention our most highly read eBook of all time: “The Last Lecture on Point of Purchase Displays.” In this eBook we ask ourselves the age-old question: What would we say if we knew we were going to close our doors and had an opportunity to summarize all that we have learned and everything that is important in the POP display business? The answer to that question can be found in this highly practical eBook in which we summarize our best collective thinking on POP displays and outline the 20 things that matter most in creating winning POP display programs. This eBook is available to read online, or you can down download your copy here.

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