One of Retail POP Displays Featured in Techcrunch

In a blog last week we discussed one of our recent retail POP displays that was rolled out to REI stores nationwide. We’re fond of working with start-up companies that have great products with promising futures. Our customer, goTenna, is just that kind of company. Techcrunch did a nice story on goTenna which discussed the company’s background, it’s recent $7.5M round of funding, and the company’s exclusive launch in REI stores. Check out the story here.

Gotenna new REI retail display roll out featured at tech chrunch

The end cap shown in the picture (and below) was a critical component of the company’s product launch strategy. To the credit of goTenna’s management team, they understood the importance of a compelling POP display that could represent their brand well while presenting an exciting in-store attraction that will help sell product. We worked closely with goTenna’s team and the visual merchandisers at REI to ensure that no detail was missed and that everything was executed in a way that would maximize the chances of a successful launch. We’re anxious to see how the program performs over the next few months.

For a look at a few other recent retail POP displays we have created for the outdoor retailer market, have a look at this blog.

Gotenna REI end cap glorifier with security tethers
gotenna retail POP display for REI stores

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