Merchandising Cart Ideas that Maximize Retail Sales and Build Brands

Most of us have been conditioned from early childhood to associate carts with some kind of treat. Whether it is ice cream, souvenirs, or gift items, carts have been used by enterprising merchants to make their products available to consumers across a wide range of indoor and outdoor venues. Marketing carts offer merchants the ability to take their products to the consumer while advertising their brand in a way that stands out. In today’s post, we’ll share 6 examples of retail merchandising cart designs that aim to maximize sales and create brand recognition.

  1. Knesko Skin Cart– Knesko Skin, a premium skincare brand offering luxury collagen face, eye, lip, and neck masks as well as gemstone rollers, was looking to create a mobile mask bar to offer 5-star spas, luxury resorts, and premium retailers. We designed and fabricated the cart shown below which was intended to be used outdoors by the pool as well as in a variety of indoor locations.

We constructed the cart out of solid surface material to protect it from water exposure. We direct printed the graphics and added an overlaminate to ensure the graphics would not fade after intense sun exposure. We incorporated a plastic tub to hold ice since the collagen masks needed to be kept cold. We used clear acrylic for the tub cover to provide product visibility for customers. The cart provided a generous inside storage area to hold additional inventory. We finished the cart with a Knesko Skin-branded removable umbrella.

  1. Coola Cart– Coola is a California clean beauty, organic, lifestyle brand with a line of suncare and skincare products. Like Knesko Skin, Coola was looking for a cart that could be used poolside in resort locations. They wanted a cart that would reinforce the natural and organic aspects for their brand so bamboo seemed like a natural material choice.

We built acrylic dividers for the top of the cart to organize product and added a laser-cut 3D acrylic logo on the sides of the cart as well as a removable graphic on the front of the cart. We added a stainless-steel handle, heavy-duty locking casters, and a finished inside storage area.

  1. Nongshim Cart– An aspiring global food company, Nongshim was looking for a retail cart to be placed in independent grocery stores to merchandise its line of Korean noodle products and to build its brand awareness. Given the company’s commitment to sustainability, we wanted to create a cart that had a natural and organic feel. We chose solid pine with a golden oak stained finish as the core material and used MDF with a melamine finish for the inside of the top merchandising bin.

We used plywood for the wheels and a solid wood dowel for the handle. We added laser-cut acrylic branding and included a removable overhead frame to hold a large header graphic.

  1. Robanda Beauty Cart– Robanda International offers a boutique line of makeup and skincare products. We created the merchandising cart shown below for the spa market. This high- capacity cart featured sheet metal construction with a lower storage cabinet, pull-out drawers, an acrylic topper for merchandising a wide range of cosmetic products, a removable header with a curved mirror, and pull-out side flaps for additional tabletop space.
  1. Sunmight Cart– Unlike our previous examples, Sunmight was looking for more of an industrial cart to merchandise its line of high-quality abrasives. Sheet metal and tube proved to be the right choice to meet the company’s functionality, branding, and budget objectives. We kept the retail cart simple with a single pull-out drawer and open storage space on the base. We added branded graphics on all 4 sides and on the base.
  1. Beauty Creations– Our final example is an instore merchandising cart we design for Beauty Creations. The cart featured MDF construction with a pink and gold painted finish, storage shelves on both ends, a solid surface counter with a raised center product podium, hanging signs and an overhead canopy.
Merchandising carts offer a great way to increase sales, create brand awareness, and stand out from the competition. Check out these 6 merchandising carts.

Merchandising carts offer mobility, flexibility, and a sense of uniqueness that can be leveraged to generate sales and create brand awareness in traditional retail environments and a variety of on-premise locations.

Merchandising carts offer a great way to increase sales, create brand awareness, and stand out from the competition. Check out these 6 merchandising carts.

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