Mattress, Bedding, and Pillow Displays- The Importance of Effective Merchandising of Sleep Products

The global sleep economy is projected to surpass $500 billion next year. The industry has demonstrated consistent and impressive growth with no signs of slowing. Much of the growth has been driven by the convergence of sleep technology advancements and consumers’ growing concerns for health and wellness. Behind the growth are a wide range of new products such as sleep trackers, sleep monitors, mobile apps and innovations in bed technologies, pillows, and sleep gadgets/devices that aid in the sleep and restoration process. While a number of these new products can be sold online, many sleep products are still purchased in physical retail stores because they are often bulky like a mattress or consumers prefer to touch and feel the products before making a purchase. Therefore, effective merchandising of sleep products continues to play an important role in converting shoppers to customers. Today, we’ll look at a number of retail bedding, mattress, and pillow displays that are designed to drive sales and build brands.

  1. Leesa Mattress Display– We created the Leesa mattress display to showcase the components of the Leesa mattress and educate the shopper on the mattress’ features and benefits. We fabricated the display out of acrylic and incorporated windows to show samples of the coils and foam. We direct printed some of the graphics and made the side graphics interchangeable by attaching them to the main box using magnets.
  1. Dreampad Floor Display– Dreampad’s unique, patented technology products help you sleep by sending soothing sounds and sleep music through gentle vibrations to your body. We made this 4-shelf floor display glorifier to feature 4 of the company’s pillow products. We used MDF with a white melamine finish and direct printed graphics to create a clean look and added bamboo shelf lips for contrast. We embedded a digital media player in the back panel to tell the Dreampad story. The retail pillow display was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank.
  1. Fabritech Pillow Display– Another example of a 1-sided sleep products floor display is the pillow and mattress/pillow protector display we designed for Fabritech. The display was constructed of MDF and featured 3 slanted pillow shelves with PVC shelf graphics, a mattress/pillow protector bin and a PVC header sign.
  1. Glideaway Pillow and Bedding Display– The idea behind the 4-sided Glideaway display shown below was to create an in-store presence- a Glideaway product center to merchandise a full line of Glideaway pillows and bedding products. The retail pillow & bedding display was designed to hold demo products while also including lifestyle and informational graphics.
  1. Comfort Revolution Floor Display– We designed two different versions of the Comfort Revolution floor display shown below- one with sheet metal shelves and one with wire shelves. The sheet metal version was heavier and more expensive but offered more of a premium look than the wire version. Both options were designed to be modular and used in a variety of combinations.
  1. Dreamfit Floor Display– We designed the Dreamfit floor display to include 2 matching wood shelf units with a center section to hang vertical fabric swatches. The display features interchangeable PVC side signs and framed PVC header signs.
  1. PureCare Wall-Mounted Display– We fabricated the PureCare wall-mounted display out of sheet metal and included a PVC header graphic. The display was intended to be experiential. The 4 demo jars have holes in the lids and are designed to demonstrate the superior moisture protection of its OmniGuard Advance Mattress Protector product.
  1. Hush Counter Display– Hush smart wireless earplugs are designed to enable you to fall asleep to white noise, forest sounds, rainfall, and other soothing sounds. We created this counter display out of MDF with direct printed front and back panel graphics, a mini product shelf, and an embedded digital media player.
The right mattress, bedding, and pillow displays, when effectively designed and merchandised, can help build your brand and drive incremental product sales

As the sleep products industry continues to grow, well-conceived and effectively merchandised point-of-purchase displays will continue to play an integral role in brick- and-mortar stores.

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