Manufacturing Custom Retail Display Stands for Major Brands

Manufacturing POP displays for unknown brands is always a challenge. There is something enjoyable about getting in on the ground level with a new brand and trying to establish a unique brand identity and merchandising direction. But for all the fun we having working with a new brand, it is hard to top the experience of manufacturing custom retail display stands for a major brand. Major brands can be more demanding and more particular about the nuances related to their product and how it is represented at retail. In today’s blog we’ll look at a number of examples of POP displays we have manufactured for well known brands.

Our first example is a 4-shelf wood floor display we manufactured for one of the world’s best known brands- Coca Cola. We’ve manufactured over 5000 of these display racks which are known as the “Mexican Coke rack.” Coca Cola has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability so they require manufacturers like RICH LTD. to be FSC certified. To ensure that the Coca Cola retail displays qualify as being FSC certified, we had to source the materials from suppliers who practice responsible forest management and also ensure that we maintained the proper chain of custody throughout the manufacturing process. The main material we used was Southern Yellow Pine, but we also incorporated wire grids, metal shelf accents, direct printing on the shelf bottoms, silk screening, and a digitally printed header sign.

Coke Mexico Sustainable Retail Display Pine Wood

Another example of a Coca Cola display is the low profile floor merchandiser shown below. We made this unit in a variety of sizes. Like the Mexican Coke rack, this POP display needed to be FSC certified so following all of the right steps in the manufacturing process to maintain the chain of custody was important. We also used Southern Yellow Pine for this display and incorporated castors, side graphics, and a die-cut header graphic.

Coca Cola Grocery under counter retail display

Third, we manufactured a Frappuccino/bread display for Pepsico. The display was co-branded by Starbucks and Wal-Mart and placed in the wide aisles of Wal-Mart stores. We constructed the display out of pre-finished birch plywood with metal powder coated top shelf supports and side vinyl graphics. The display not only had to be strong enough to hold the weight of the frappuccino bottles, but it also had to hold up under high traffic and be able to handle the weight of employees leaning on the display during restocking.

Starbucks retail floor display for vons grocery stores

Fourth, we manufactured the 17-shelf end cap shown below for Pepsico to go into Ralphs stores in California. We built the display out of MDF with a customer-specified wood laminate finish and black edge banding. We digitally printed the Ralphs-branded removable headers. This display had to hold significant product weight as well as the weight of store clerks who routinely would step on the lower shelf to reach the top shelf during restocking.

Pepsi end cap retail display for klroger brand stores

Our fifth example is a simple 6-shelf MDF end cap we built for Pepsico to go into Target stores. The display had a simple white laminate finish and was co-branded with Pepsi and Target logos. Although it was simple, this display generated an immediate 30%+ increase in sales.

Pepsi retail display end-cap for target stores

Sixth, we designed and manufactured this countertop Microsoft XBOX display out of heat-bent white and clear acrylic. We added perforation to allow for proper ventilation and branded the unit with screen printing on the front and dimensional letters on the sides.

xbox 360 retail display for gamestop stores

Finally, we designed and manufactured the floor and counter cap displays shown below for Adidas. We designed an eye-catching swivel into the two metal tube uprights on the floor display and added screen printed base and header signs. To further reinforce the Adidas brand, we added screen printed front and side sheet metal tabs on each pocket. The companion counter display was similar in style, but we changed to a blue powder coated finish and eliminated the base sign. Both of these displays achieved their objective of promoting the Adidas brand.

Adidas hat retail floor display for sports chalet

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