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Historically most of the inquiries we get for a coffee display or tea display are from companies that make coffee or tea.  Makes sense, right? These companies are looking to expand sales in various retail channels. However, we have recently been getting a lot of interest from non-product companies who are interested in providing coffee and tea fixtures as part of a service to their customers or as part of their work environment. After all, everyone knows that coffee and tea make people happy and more productive. In today’s blog we’ll share the most successful retail coffee display we have ever designed, and we’ll discuss a few ways that it could be modified to create a similar but different display. We’ll also share our thoughts about how 2 of the coffee kiosks we designed could be modified to create broader appeal for non-retail environments.

First, let’s look at our most successful coffee display ever. This display is one we designed for Tieman’s Fusion Coffees. The coffee display is shown below in the coffee section at Sprouts.

TIEMANS Coffee display & tea display

So how do we know this display was so successful? We know because we measured the results. This display generated a 500% increase in sales, a 3400% return on investment, and paid for itself in 9 days. We documented these results in a case study we published in a prior blogpost. Sprouts is really enthusiastic about the results this display generated and continues to roll out the display to more and more stores. As much as we would like to take all the credit for the results, we have to say that Tieman’s makes some pretty amazing coffee with some incredible health benefits.

The picture below shows the original tea display we created. We tried to create a natural-looking display to reinforce the health benefits of the brand. The display is constructed of prefinished China birch with unfinished edges to give it a little more of a raw look. The display is on castors which Sprouts likes since they will occasionally move the display around to different parts of the store. We added cut-out shapes on the sides to make it more interesting and let in more light. The graphics are a big part of the display. The die-cut, 3D header graphics are a main attraction, but the footer and side graphics add to the overall messaging and branding of the display.

TIEMANS Coffee display & tea display

In the most recent production run of this display, we added a 5th shelf and shrunk the footer graphic to accommodate a new SKU. We can think of a lot of ways to modify this basic display to create a different look or to increase the capacity. First, the display could be made into a 2-sided display as a way to double the capacity. For high traffic stores, it could also be turned into a 4-sided display. If the display will be placed in an environment where there will be walk-around space, a 4-sided tea display would work well. If the placement is unknown, we would recommend adding a spinning base to the display. This would enable it to work well even if it is pushed up against a wall or stuck in a corner.

Another way to change up the look would be to use different materials or go with a different stain like a dark chocolate. This would be an awesome-looking coffee display if it were made out of bamboo (not to mention being eco-friendly). For less of a finished look, you could use OSB or clear-coated particle board. Changing out prefinished birch plywood for reclaimed wood or barn wood could be very cool. Using Beetle Kill pine would also look great while making a strong environmental statement (See our recent blog: The Next Big Idea in Point of Purchase Design: Beetle Kill Pine.).

Switching gears, let’s look at a couple coffee kiosks we designed for retail settings that could easily be modified for non-retail environments. We designed and manufactured the two coffee kiosks for Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to go into the retail grocery channel. The large one is 6 ft. wide, and the smaller one is 4 ft. wide. These kiosks are pretty tricked out with things like direct printed graphics, a refrigerator, a solid surface counter top, lighting, dimensional graphics, product shelving, condiment holders, menu boards, cup dispensers, plumbing hookups, automated coffee machine, auto pay mechanism, etc.


We are getting an increasing number of inquiries related to modifying these units for places like banks, credit unions, malls, company cafeterias, car dealerships, and other traditional places of work. The types of questions we get are:

1) Can we change the brand of coffee to any brand we like?

2) Can the size be modified?

3) Can the refrigerator be an option to either include or be replaced with more storage space?

4) Can these units be used with either a plumbing hookup or with a reservoir-filling system?

5) Can we change the wood type to match our décor?

6) Can we add our own branding?

7) Can we set this up as a self-serve kiosk with or without an automatic payment feature?

These are all great questions, and the answer to all of them is “Yes.” We can customize these units in a wide variety of ways. They should be view as a jumping off point only and as a springboard for developing a customized coffee kiosk.

Rather than having a cheesy fold-out table for your coffee/tea station, think about the difference it would make to have a cool kiosk that is easy to service and that communicates your brand and how much you value your customers. Coffee and tea are a big part of our culture. It’s time to think about a better way to make it available to your customers and employees.

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