Inspiration for Point of Purchase Design

In today’s blog we’ll share 5 examples of retail merchandisers that will hopefully serve as inspiration for your next point of purchase design project. Custom POP design is much more of an art than a science. Getting the measurements right and incorporating customer requirements are probably as close as it gets to science, but beyond that it becomes much more about art and creativity. Let’s look at 5 custom POP displays that the RICH LTD. design team has created.

The first example is an acrylic counter display we designed for appbot, a WI-FI controlled smart home camera robot. The display was designed to showcase the physical robot product but be very cost effective. The structure was created out of heat-bent acrylic with acrylic ribs added for extra support. The graphics were digitally printed on vinyl and stuck on the acrylic. On this project budget was a constraint, but with additional budget it would have been easy to add a digital media player to help tell the appbot story.

Appbot Link Point Of Purchase Design

Our second example today is a very simple billiards display we created for Brunswick Billiards. Our customer wanted a natural wood display with a stained finish to create a higher end look. They requested that we scale back the graphics and only include a logo plate. The main challenge on this display was to arrange the cue sticks in a space-efficient and interesting way that would also enable them to be easily accessible.

BRNSWK POOL Point Of Purchase Design

Today’s third example is from the jewelry industry. We were asked to design a countertop cufflink display. To create a high-end look we selected glossy black acrylic and made a 360 degree spinning display by adding a plastic bearing. We designed a circular header structure and added screen printed branding to the header and base.

CUFF Point Of Purchase Design

Fourth, we designed the wood floor display for 4 Orange Vodka. They wanted a natural wood display with a crate feel and just one shelf. We added outside wood supports for both strength and interest. We also designed in ample branding with front, header, and side logo graphics.

4 Orange Point Of Purchase Design

Finally, we designed the Samuel Adams liquor display shown below to include 5 tiers of slanted bottles for maximum visibility. We added 3 bottle glorifiers at the top and a large die-cut header sign. We included branding graphics on the wood sides which were designed to be mounted to the metal frame.

Samuel Adams Point Of Purchase Design

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