Increase Sales with the Right Retail Counter Top Displays

A recently widowed elderly woman sent her husband’s obituary to her local newspaper. It read: “Charlie died.” The newspaper contacted the woman to let her know that the obituary fee she had paid entitled her to more words if she wished to expand her submission. After careful consideration, the woman sent a revised version: “Charlie died. Volvo for sale.” This widow has two important things to teach us with regard to retail counter top displays, which is the subject of today’s blog post: (1) The importance of getting to the point, and (2) The value of pragmatism. Getting to the point is a vital aspect of capturing shopper attention and drawing attention to your brand in a busy and competitive retail environment. And, being pragmatic in your approach to designing and executing your POP display will help you achieve increased sales and a strong return on investment.

Let’s look at 11 examples of retail counter top displays that are both to the point and pragmatic.

  1. MINT Counter Top Glorifier– We made the MINT display pictured below to showcase MINT’s minimally invasive non-surgical thread, a safe solution to sagging skin. We went with all-acrylic construction and a back panel graphic for product messaging. We incorporated the MINT thread, included a magnifying glass so customers could get a closer look at the product, and added LED lighting on the back row and front logo.
  1. IOTAS Portable Case Display– We designed and fabricated this portable display case for IOTAS’ smart apartment product set. We built a wood case to make the display easy to carry around and then created a live display board that was fully capable of demonstrating all of the IOTAS components from lighting to security to temperature control and more.
The right retail counter top display can accelerate sales, promote your brand, and generate an attractive return on investment. See 11 practical examples.
  1. Wildlife Collections– We designed a display to merchandise Wildlife Collection’s unique line of animal tracking bracelets. The company’s bracelets come with a real animal to track such as sea turtles, polar bears, elephants, and sharks. The 3-sided spinning display we created featured clear messaging (“Wildlife Tracking Bracelets”) on the side panels as well as header graphics for each animal choice. We made the display using unfinished birch plywood with a white washed finish.
  1. Galenas Glorifier– In contrast to the stocking counter display shown above, we created the super simple counter top glorifier display shown below. Rather than carrying product inventory, a glorifier display is designed to showcase one or more products. The Galenas display included a stained solid wood base deck to hold several jars of product and a removal back panel graphic to promote the Galenas brand.

5. Two Roots Counter Glorifier– Another example of a counter top glorifier is the Two Roots display shown below which featured a faux concrete base deck, a digitally printed PVC back panel, and an overlay graphic of a can with a pouring stream.

6. PickleUpper Counter Top Spinner– Our next example definitely falls in the pragmatic category. PickleUpper is a rubber attachment that fits on the end of a pickleball paddle and enables a player to pick up a pickleball without bending over. It is a relatively low-priced product so we decided to customize a RICH LTD. stock spinning 2-tier counter display with a simple PVC header sign. The display holds 12 units, ships in a flat box, and is very affordable.

7. Lumity Glorifier– Another example of a simple counter top glorifier is the bamboo glorifier shown below that we created for Lumity’s skin nutrient line. Bamboo proved to be an excellent choice to help communicate the natural/healthy aspects of Lumity’s product line. We made 2 recessed areas for product bottles and added direct printed branding on the removable back panel.

8. eAlarm PVC Display– We made the eAlarm counter display out of PVC which we direct printed on our flatbed printer. We cut the PVC on our digital flatbed cutter and folded the flat sheet into the shape shown below. We added plastic hooks to hold the lightweight eAlarm product. PVC is an excellent choice for graphic-intensive displays, and it is lighter than other material like MDF, wood, or metal which helps reduce shipping cost.

9. Zukes 3-Shelf Retail Counter Top Display– The Zukes display shown below is an excellent choice for any type of energy bar or similar products. We used pre-finished birch plywood and left the edges raw to create a more natural look. We direct printed graphics on the sides and shelf fronts.

10. P.L.A.Y. Counter Top Spinner– We created this 2-sided spinning display for P.L.A.Y. to hold 8 SKUs. We used a combination of birch plywood and solid pine with a walnut stained finish on the base and frame, a pre-finished birch back panel, direct printed base graphics, a PVC header sign, and metal hooks.

11. Stick Incense Display– The stick incense display shown below features a simple 1-sided, 2-tiered design which is space efficient and economical. We combined pre-finished birch plywood with wire fencing/dividers, sheet metal accents, and a front digitally printed PVC graphic.

Next time you are getting ready to start a new display project, think of the wisdom of the elderly widow. Be pragmatic and get to the point.

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